Garlic Shrine and planning the next artwork  

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5/10/2005 8:42 pm

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Garlic Shrine and planning the next artwork

Here is the most recent in the shrine series. One of my instructors suggested changing the coffin-like house structure to something more along the lines of roman columns. I might try that..

I realize that one cannot see much. It is a sprouting garlic bulb. At the bottom, there is a red worm curled up in a hollow in the bulb. There are white roots speading out from beneath. The title is "Hiding".

This shows a different STD - this is the Herpes one. It shows how the Herpes virus hides in the spinal fluid of a person.

Of course, my classmates and the teacher suddenly turned into 8 year olds when I told them what I was protraying. They could not stop giggling and offering snide comments. My favorite was "Oh my, do YOU have all these STD's????". *shakes head* Not only is that question rude, its flat out stupid. I'm working my way through every single STD in the book in my artwork.

Why are some people so freaked out about sex-related things? When they finally stopped giggling and nudging each other, I let them know that I had been a safe-sex educator in Juvinile Hall way back when and so spent a lot of time telling people bout STD's. I then spent time as an STD educator in the OC Gay/Lesbian office as an intern. That seemed to knock some sense into them.

As for the next piece - I think I'm going to look next into showing Syphilis. There is a lot that can be combined between showing a leaf rot or scabbed vegetable..and relating it to the second stage of the disease. AIDS is really too big of a thing for me to try to show yet (probably use a daikon though) and its also too trendy in a way. Chlamydia may also be an interesting one to show just because so many women have no symptoms at all. A beautiful healthy looking peach..with maybe a worm showing at an angle might really show off well. Yes..a peach inside a roman-esque temple..ohhhh

rm_kevnico 55M
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5/11/2005 5:55 pm

Okay… now I think I get it. The name for the eggplant piece, 'or else she would go blind', is for one of the STDs that can be transferred to the baby during vaginal delivery. I can't remember which one it is, or if it is several. For some reason I want to say it's gonorrhea. I know that syphilis can be transfer across the placenta.

This should be an interesting collection. Good luck.

rm_Almondnut 42F
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5/11/2005 6:47 pm

*applause* you got it!

nightstogether 56M

5/15/2005 1:25 pm

I'd make the last one AIDS, and depict your entire class as part of it; that'll give them something to laugh over.

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