Fragile Mad Cow  

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7/9/2005 10:32 pm

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Fragile Mad Cow

It took hours, but I finished that cow sculpture. The hardest part was getting it to stand up. The clay legs didn't want to support the cow body until they had dried more..and they still tore once. Had to put it back down, repair it, and then restand it again. It's 2feet high x 2.5 feet wide x 9in deep.

The piece is currently standing, braced by a board, and surrounded with signs that say "FRAGILE! DONT BUMP THE TABLE OR MOVE THE BUCKET!" (the bucket is holding up the piece right now)

I'll be mighty impressed if I managed to get this fired all the way without it breaking. I have ribs jutting out, a tail that does a high curve over the body, and child-sized bones/skull inside the belly. These pieces are just begging to break. I know better than to design like this..but it was just so perfect to have the tail curve around and arch in a curve over the body. So eye catching, I could not help it.

Aside from that, I got my 42 cups out of the kiln. 33 are perfect, the rest need reglazing due to sheer ugliness. I also got to play the "Avoid the Mosquito" game. There is standing water somewhere in our lab...I'm not sure where it is but I suspect the water trap. I'm going to pour bleach down the tube tomorrow and hope that takes care of this nasty blood-sucker problem.

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