Finals are almost over  

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5/4/2005 10:01 am

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Finals are almost over

Running on 4 hours of sleep! Yeah!

So yesterday I got up at 6am, went to school to study for a test, took 2 finals, and ended up staying in the lab until after midnight to finish my projects for the critique. Yesterday was the last night to build anything in the labs, so I went ahead and built another shrine. This one turned out to be the best of the set. There is a garlic bulb at the bottom of the shrine with a little worm curled up inside. The garlic is sprouting.

I put all 4 finished shrines (heart, cucumber, eggplant, and the new garlic) all in a row and compared them. It was really interesting to see the changes as I made each one. The black "house" part is a stark contrast against the light greens of the plants. Also, the off-white color that I glazed the garlic bulb really stands out. I need to do more pieces with that.

- work for 2 hours
- go to the lab at 11am for the Required Clean Up
- come home and work more

Tomorrow: work and clean house
Friday: work and clean house and return library books
Sat: work and be nice to my housemate's guests (he's running a D&D game I love company so I might bake some cookies)
Sun: work? Maybe just rest?
Mon: 12pm pick up Fibers notebook and project
Tues: 11am - Final Critique with Handbuilding Teacher, 1pm Final Critique with Umbridge
Wed: 2pm Pick up 3D folder

Then after that, its finally all over. 2 whole weeks of just work and relaxing.

vegas_sinner04 30F

5/4/2005 11:09 am

damn sounds like a busy week coming up. good luck with everything.

lupon_69 43M

5/4/2005 1:27 pm

dito or something like that sounds like you need the luck in order to get it all done.

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