Don't touch that bowl with glaze stained hands! ARRGH  

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9/21/2005 10:20 pm

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Don't touch that bowl with glaze stained hands! ARRGH

Not a bad day really. I spent most of the morning sitting outside at a table doing math homework. Despite passing my test(with an A! I nearly fell out of my seat in shock), I still was not getting most of the homework so I bopped to the computer lab to email MissGradStudent some questions.

At noon I headed to the center of campus where I sat a the "Freethought Society" club table and handed out fliers. Some admin snafu had our table placed right in front of the catholic chapel on campus. I thought it would be inciting a furror, so convinced the group to move the table to one side of the chapel.

Glaze class was next with a lot of thumb twiddling on my part as I waited for the measuring scales to become free. While I waited, I answered questions from other students about the lab glazes. I think I pissed one of them off when I saw them pick up a bowl that was not theirs with a glaze stained hand. I kinda got vehment and told them to put the bowl down and to never ever touch someone else's glazed stuff unless they cleaned their hands first. The girl tried to blow me off until I pointed out the new brown fingerprint glaze smudge on the side of the previously pristine white bowl. If that was my bowl, I'd have been pretty upset. I think part of what contributed to my intensity was the fact that I had been watching her splatter her way through the glaze room earlier with no regard for drips on pieces, glaze contamination, or general cleanliness.

In math, the 'teacher' gave us a quiz. The messed up thing is that the 'quiz' was on the homework we were just assigned. So basically you are assigned homework, you try your best to solve don't get a chance to ask the 'teacher' questions on it the next day unless you can hit her office hours..and then you get a quiz on it the next time you step in the door. I thought the point of a quiz was to measure how well you learned something. I expect a quiz to occur AFTER you had a chance to try out some homework AND then a chance to ask questions about how you got the answer. This is just f'ed up.

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