Blargh. Math essays now? What's next?  

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8/29/2005 11:39 pm

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Blargh. Math essays now? What's next?

Blargh. Math essays now? What's next? Math Interpertave dance? The assignment is: "Write out 20 math experiences. Pick five of those and turn it into a three page essay reflecting upon how your opinion of math came to be".

This woman really wanted to be a psychologist, I can just tell. Who the hell cares what I feel about math? I still have to take this class to graduate with my ART degree. All my piss and vinegar feelings about math that I write about in this essay are not going to do squat for getting me out of this class, so why rub our noses in it? Hell, I do plenty of math: balancing chemical equations to create glazes, measuring clay powders, constructing large 3-d objects. Yep. Math everywhere.

Oh well, took me two hours to write it all up and get it turned in.

Today I saw a woman wearing flip-flops to the lab. Lab: as in machines with blades, broken glass, and kilns with fire shooting out of the edges. A Senior level class and this fluff-head is wearing flip flops. Moron. Soon to be crippled moron. How many times do we all have to hear the story of molten glass burning off toes? I'm tired of that story and the sight of a flip flop seems to drive professors into a 'gruesome story' frenzy.

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