Almondnut melts into a puddle  

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6/21/2005 10:16 pm

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Almondnut melts into a puddle

What a day to fire the kiln. Yesterday was 112degrees, today I have no idea but it was HOT.

I spent all day at the lab firing a kiln full of cups, shrines, test pieces. It took all day. So, inbetween my trips to the outside furnace area, I built a bamboo-snail teapot. This piece matches the shrine. What cracks me up is that other people seem to take a week to make a teapot. I make one in one sitting. yay me! I'll have pictures soon.

When the kiln was finally finished (I turned it up fully to high and then could leave) it was 6:20. I cleaned up and trudged to the busstop to wait for my ride to BFE Lot 59. After 20 minutes of waiting in melting heat, I re-read the sign and notice a tiny section that said summer busses do not run after 6pm. I then had to trudge back the way I came and then walk all the way out to lot 59. This is no casual stroll - its the parking lot behind the nearby mountain. There is a reason that they have a free buss shuttle system.

Finally got to my car and home. Wanted to collaspe, but found a letter in the mail saying my AAA was canceled. Freaked out, I called them, only to be told it was a mistake. I then took care of sending my quarterly tax payments out and paying for the next 6 months of auto insurance.

I'm tired. I have a test tomorrow. I just want to sleep.

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