A whole lot of nothing today  

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7/7/2005 6:03 pm

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A whole lot of nothing today

This was a crappy lab day. I get there at 6:30 am to meet up with the lab tech to fire our kiln. I have 42 cups in the kiln, he has 4 large bowls. What ends up happening is that he does the kiln all by himself, not really going over anything with me. I made him involve me by asking questions, but as the day went on, he would just go bump up the kiln without telling me he was going to, or why he decided to do it just then. This frustrated me because I'm trying to learn to gas fire and I was going to practice using those cups. I realized that he asked to fire with me because he wanted my cups to provide the 'filler'. (if you don't have enough stuff in the kiln, you fill it up with bricks. He saw my cups and realized that he would not have to brick up the kiln if my pieces were in there). So, overall, I get my cups fired, but I didn't get to do it myself.

Then I try to make something. Anything. At all. Either I had just gotten up way too early or I am in the middle of a rather strong art block. I could not think of anything worthwhile to make. I ended up sculpting a skull, some bones, and a spinal column. I glazed some pieces and decided to give up and go home.....

Before I left though, I decided to check out the kiln. Lab-Tech dude had told me that it was not going to be ready to turn off until 4pm, so he took off around 2:30. I decided to check the kiln at 3pm..when I looked in the kiln I realized that the bottom was fully done. Overdone. The cone 10 had completely fallen over and the top cone was about to go. I hemmed and hawed for a sec and then turned the kiln off.

I'll unload it Sat morning to see how badly the kiln was overfired.

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