Alisha can't wait to see GUITARWOLF in the show!  

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4/27/2006 12:43 pm

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Alisha can't wait to see GUITARWOLF in the show!

yea, you know that i love Guitarwolf for about 10years or so. i put some of my favorite bands on my profile, and Guitarwolf is included, of course! but please remember that i love KING BROTHERS much more than Guitarwolf! King Brothers is AWESOME! they did the opening act for JSBX or the Strokes before. it's baseless band, but thier sound is quite heavy and soooooo crazy, and i love it!

i always am surprised and pleased to hear from the ppl here who really love Guitarwolf! actually, i have never seen them in the show in any other countries, but you guys can tell me that they are quite famouse all around the world. that's AWESOME!

on May 15th, Guitarwolf and King Brothers are playing at shangri-la(<- oh, yeah, i love this space, it's one of the greatest clubs in japan!), and it might be my last time to see these 2 bands playing in japan this year. now i've decide i'd be leaving for the states right after the show, and won't be back till the middle of November, i guess. i'm sure i'm gonna miss them, cos i won't be able to se them in the show for 6months.

but! i still have not found a place to stay or live!

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