Alisha's is not alone, here  

rm_Alisha1973 50F
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7/19/2005 7:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Alisha's is not alone, here

About last log, I've got a lots of mail and a lot of advice from AdultFriendFinder members which I sill haven't known. I can't thank you all enough. Everyone who game me the advices and mails, you helps me a lot. I thought I was solitary and sad. But, I am so glad to know that so many people adviced.

If you are not interested in me, I have never got any mail or advice. So I'm great that you all were interested in what I wrote, and you thought about it.

I just want to tell that how I am happy.
Especially, for ladies, thank you for giving me a advice and mails. I never expected receiving something from ladies here. I'm so glad.

I'll try to find my G-spot, first. I don't know if I can find by mysel or not. If I can't, I need someone to help me to find mine.

Thank you so much.
I can't thank you enough, for sure.

rm_osakahman 44M

7/20/2005 9:53 pm

Hi Alisha,

Since today is 0721 (o na ni)-japanese for female masturbation wondering if you'd do anything special for it? Taken any advice on hitting the g-spot?

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