Alisha's getting sooooooooo busy!!  

rm_Alisha1973 50F
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11/18/2005 7:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Alisha's getting sooooooooo busy!!

i'm doing fine, now. actually, as soon as i came back from tokyo, i've got a cold. but i'm doing wonderful everyday.

but, i know i am going to be so busy from next week!

November 20 Jamiroquai
November 22 see my doctor, make new sculpture nails
November 23 Motley Crue
November 24 fly to Washington, D.C., and spend 6 hours for the next flight for Charlotte
November 27 head for NYC getting on the greyhound bus
---OMG, my first experience for the greyhound!---
November 28 my friends wedding at NYC, after that i'll be headed for Indianapolis by greyhound!
November 29 Indianapolis
November 30 Indianapolis
December 01 going back to Charlotte by greyhound again!
December 02 Charlotte
December 03 Charlotte
December 04 fly to NYC
December 05 NYC
December 06 leaving for japan
December 07 home sweet home
December 08 sleeping all day
December 09 see my doctor, make new sculpture nails
December 10 fly to Bucharest, Romania
December 27 fly back to japan!

this is Alisha's coming up schedule! yay!
if you see Alisha around the town, say hi to me!

HusksQuaysCanal 37M

11/18/2005 10:24 am


SlopsLardyZonae 32M/32F

11/18/2005 9:58 pm

Hit me up when youre in NYC/

huskertheater 36M

11/19/2005 2:21 pm

Cool, you get to see Motley Crue. Should be a good show. Just want to say have fun while you are in the U.S.

handyman4365 42M
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11/20/2005 3:01 am

Do you like the New Jamiroquai album?
I think it is a throw back to the music they used to play years ago...I like it alot.

shyguyseekingfun 38M

11/25/2005 11:02 am

Hi Alisha

WOW !! That's a LOT of travelling !!

Have you ever been to the UK before ??

rm_thezipper 48M

11/27/2005 5:00 pm

Dang... had I seen this earlier, I would have come to the airport in DC to keep you company... buzz me if you are coming through DC before you head back to Japan...

thezipper yori

cuddleboy69 49M

1/6/2006 7:55 pm

all that busy schedule and you still couldn't find time to come fuck me.

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