Alisha's ex bf joined AFF!!!!  

rm_Alisha1973 50F
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10/9/2005 8:07 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Alisha's ex bf joined AFF!!!!

i did not think this site was so popular in here in japan. actually, it does not matter if it's popular or not.

but, i got a phone call from my ex last night, and he told me that he found AdultFriendFinder in happen, and found my picture on the top page. he recognized it as me, and the cock which i was licking as his.

i've got many messages like "i wish it was my cock" or something like that. the cock owner's now here at AdultFriendFinder.

isn't it funny??
for me, it's funny. and for him, too.
we laughed and laughed!

i don't mind if someone who i know finds me here. cos i enjoy AdultFriendFinder very much, and the profile or everything i wrote, these are all about myself. that is me, that is Alisha.

i love here, cos this is the only place for me to explore myself.

cuddleboy69 49M

10/10/2005 2:05 pm

I'm sure he wishes it was his cock again.

HusksQuaysCanal 37M

10/19/2005 4:10 pm


rm_toriga 33M
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10/20/2005 5:19 am

whats up? i see that you really like sex from what i read... me too!! lets talk when you are free.

SlopsLardyZonae 32M/32F

10/30/2005 11:56 am

thats funny

If youre ever in New York City hit me up

rm_sailnekkid 48M/48F
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11/19/2005 10:07 am


A few funny stories of people knowing us and seeing us on here.

The first is a friend of about 10 years....we are like sisters....she just got married in the early summer....we had never met her husband till the day of the wedding....but knew they met on make a long story short....I logged on one day to an email that said "Well X, now you and X have something to talk about!!!" My mouth about hit the floor when I looked at their profile and the pics. Their city which is pretty isolated gave it away and I was like OMG honey, what do we do.......we just kind of looked at each other and said "Well if they are on here, they are doing the same thing we are" and we just laughed....the next day the four of us cracked up on the phone..........but since we are like sisters, I just cant swing with them........but we all still talk and are gonna have dinner soon.....

The second......I'll make this shorter......Sail rides a bus with this beautiful woman and we saw her out one night and he went over to talk to her but didnt take me with him...I was pissed....Oh yeah this was before we were swinging........anyways........she was gorgeous!!!! About a month or so later we are into this swinging thing and go to a meet and greet.....well guess who we see? Her and her husband that we see all the time......the four of us put two and two together and well lets just say now, we have a lot of fun....

Love your blog!


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