Alisha's back in town!!!!  

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8/1/2005 1:06 pm

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Alisha's back in town!!!!

I'm just back from the Fuji Rock Festival, and I really enjoyed! I arrived there on Thursday morning, and set up the camping tent, went to the hotspring spa, and enjoyed the pre-night party+fireworks.

1st day
I saw Master Low(JPN), Simple Plan, Eddie Reader, The Ska-Flames, Kaiser Chiefs, The Music, Charlotte Hatherley(ASH), CKB(JPN), and one of my most favorite band Foo Foghters!!!

2nd day
The Dresden Dolls, The Black Velvets(they were so cool!!!), Maximo Park, The Bravery, Beck(just 15minutes, I don't listen to his music very much), Gang of Four, Dinasaur Jr.(I still can't believe that I saw them playing with the original member!!!),Fatboy Slim(so fun!), and United States of Electronica(a.k.a.USE). USE was great! I'd love to see them in their own show!

3rd day
The Knack(can you beleive they are still playing!!!), Juliette Lewis+the Licks, Oceanlane, Aqualung(I didn't know them, but I really like their music!!!), The Beach Boys(it was so fun! cos everyone knew and could sing thier songs!), The Mars Volta, New Order(I love them!! But it's sad they don't play the song "perfect kiss" which is my most favorite song of them.), Sigar Ros, and AKAINU(japanese cool funk band).

Everyday, the show started at 10:30am, and finished 5am., and there were 9 stages! It was so hard for me to choose which band I'd see, and it took more than 15minutes walk for moving to next stage. So if I walk to the end to the end, it took more than 1hour. But it was worth it. That was the one of the fun of the festival.

I have to unpack my staff, and wash my dirty clothes tomorrow morning. When I wake up tomorrow morning, I hope my clothes already washed and dried and put them in my closet automativally. Never happened, I know. I know I'll spend whole day tomorrow for washing. Poor Alisha.

lilie1977 39F

8/19/2005 9:48 am

おお、いいなぁ〜生New Orderめちゃくちゃ見たかったですわ。今年はサマソニに来てくれるんじゃ?って、淡い期待を抱いていたのでフジに決まった時はガッカリしちゃいました。いやいや、遠いなんて言わないで行けばいいんですけどね。関西からフジ行くならそのお金でイギリス行けちゃうよーって思うとなかなかフジロックには手が出ないのです。。

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