Contemplation of Death  

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Contemplation of Death

I found myself talking with a friend the other day, in a sense, trying to set him at ease about the passing of a loved one. Trying to find the words to explain why he should be overjoyed rather than bereaved. He is not a spiritual man, nor is he a religous man, but he does have a certain faith in God, although his faith has been shaken in the past so he no longer attends any church, he still prays on occasion and at least thinks of the Lord.

His feeling of grief coming through so clear, it's a deeply rooted emotion that carries alot of strength. It has the power to make grown men weep like three year olds, and women fall to their knees in utter weakness. It can make a mother loose her will to live or cry out in such anguish that the world stops to pay respects to her loss. It comes from deep within and when genuine it takes time to clear out of the seat of the soul. It can be felt from afar, just being in the same room makes it difficult to even breathe.
My heart is aching for I feel what he feels. He is in pain. I rarely talk to others about my beliefs, but he is a friend and his hurt compels me to talk to him about his beliefs trying to at least change the mood within the aire. We speak of re-incarnation and life after death. He reveals that although he didn't at one point he is starting to believe in reincarnation and life after death.

We talk and I try to explain that death is not unlike falling asleep at night. Merely a transition to another life, another concsiousness. There are those that fear everynight that they will fall asleep and never awaken the next morning, and fall asleep ever night in fear and frustration for they cannot hold this natural cycle back, no matter how hard they fight it. Eventually they will succumb to sleep and invariably wake up the next morning. Yet they continue to torment themselves every night with this phobia.

Now as we fall asleep, we have no notion of tomorrow. If every morning I lost all memory of each day prior, I would think that every night I lay my head on the pillow, I had in fact died.
This is not far from the truth.
People only fear death for two reasons, they cannot remember doing it countless times before and they are afraid they will not wake up the next time around. I tried to explain that although in life there are times when you fall asleep, never to wake again, in spirit this is not the case. Our souls are eternal, and in time will find our way back to the Creator, as all spirits do. Our mission was to go out and explore and report back, from our perspective of time and space it seems like forever, from our souls perspective, each lifetime is but a day it has lived. An hour at the end of which we blink our eyes and a new hour begins.

We are not afraid to fall asleep because we feel secure in the fact that we will awaken the next morning, refreshed and ready for a new day.

Such is the case with death. The only difference is that most cannot remember the prior lives, so we believe each one to be unique and the ONLY life we have lived or will live.
This is no more true than today being the only day you have lived during this life. You have lived thousands of days prior to this one and you will live thousands of days after this one. There is no need to go to bed every single one of those nights filled with fear that it is the last one. Or worse yet, the only one that you will ever live.

We spoke awhile longer and I don't know if he believed anything we spoke about but his pain lessened as his mind wandered from his loss to that of the possibilities within his own life.

I pray that her next life be as beautiful as this one, may tomorrow bring more love than today.

She is missed.

God speed.

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