rm_AkReceptor 49M
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5/29/2006 1:10 pm

i want to dress up all sexy in nice lacy things, i want your hands to explore me, caress me, slowly remove my dress, make me pose for you, put your cock in my mouth, pinch my nipples, squeeze my ass, make me beg for it, slide my panties down, finger my manpussy, stroke my cock, bend me over, spread my cheeks and slide your cock into me...whatever you tell me to do i will do, i am your submissive receptor...keep your cock in my mouth as long as you want, suck on my nipples, make me kneel before you, spread my legs wide, mount me, tell me to masterbate in front of you, make me jerk you off, and, if you wish, share me with a friend...

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