Better Dayz  

rm_AimSTaPlz 29M
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6/7/2006 12:30 am
Better Dayz

It's been awhile. Man shits has been crazy for the last week. We hit up a Underground reg-gage festival from 6pm to bout 3 am ish. Next day hit the santa monica beach, ya ya i know it's kinda of ill but whatever I'm from the east coast we don't really have lots of beaches. I dunno I was out on the beach to long, ended up fading one of tattoos. I'm still kinda of pissed but i'll get it touched up and one new one on my stomach most likely. Then I guess the last order of business was a buddy of mines car got towed for parking in a private tow away zone to take a leak. 6 Min's and the car got towed that's horse shit. Well on a brighter note I'm getting some more replies from AdultFriendFinder so i guess better dayz are coming.

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