Thoughts on AFF to this point  

rm_Achilles514 46M
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7/19/2006 4:24 pm
Thoughts on AFF to this point

So I've been on AdultFriendFinder for over a week and for the most part I'm puzzled why some even have an ad/profile.

Some women have sent a wink or say they're intriqued via an email. To the ones that wink, You send them an email and rarely hear anything back.
The ones intriqued asks numerous questions. Questions are answered and elaborate more about myself than they had originally asked. They're never to be heard from again.

I've run into a few scenarios of I'm not "geographically desirable." Meanwhile according to their profile they're 15 miles away. I'm half tempted to respond and remind them this is no longer the days of horse and carriages. We have this cool means or transportation called an automobile. One would think they would be aware of an automobile since they're communicating via another cool technology device called a computer. Perhaps it's because an automobile doesn't travel as fast an email does. Who knows?

Onto the lack of trust issue. This I tend to be more understanding of. Any guy on here can have the cash means of Donald Trump or have their dillywhacker the size of Peter North. After all, It's the internet, Anyone can fabricate many things about themselves.
Sure you can only go by what I tell you or show you via pictures but I don't do the cock pic thing. I already feel ill having to see so many cocks on a females profile friends list. I do feel for the women that right off the bat (No pun intended) that receive an email and low and behold there is a cock unattached to a face. Perhaps it's just me but I tend to believe that is just idiotic. To each thier own eh?

Lastly, The fake ads. The women trapped in Africa due to their baggage being stolen, In need of money to get home. I'm half tempted here as well to toy with the scammers. Such as ask where to send the money to. Then tell them I spoke to such and such at this money order place, Drag it on and on for long as possible. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to do so.

So on a scale of 0-10, I have to rate AdultFriendFinder a 0.

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