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12/8/2005 10:11 pm

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Hi, I am an good,attractive caucasian man. I have been cheated several times by my wife. I still love her very much and will not devorce her. She says she still loves me very much and that she does not want me to leave her. She cannot complain about my performance in bed,simply because she reaches an orgasm 90% of the time. She is very strange though, she doesn't like foreplay,new positions or ideas, but what bothers me the most is that she does not like to give a blowjob, in fact she never gives me a blowjob, why I cannot understand? I take good care of myself and I am very clean. basicaly she really fucking bores me in the bedroom!!! I am one of a very few men in this world who really knows how to treat a lady and make her feel special!!! To give you a few examples: 1. I wake her every single morning with a nice, hot cup of coffee or Milo, then I will pour her a tub ful of warm water. I also do this ( the tub of water ) every night. afterwards I clean the bath. Every day I tell her how special she is and how much she means to me. I help her around the house every day, even cook for her ( I am a Fucking good cook )! Basicaly, I treat her like a princess, and what did I get for trying to be the perfect husband? She sleeps behind my back with my so called friends, fucking slut. I therefore now decided enough is enough, if she does not want to please me in bed, I am going to find someone who will, preferebly a lady who also just wants a fuckbuddy, no strings attached, no serious relationships, although one never knows what the future may hold? So tell me, what do you think of my situation? Do you perhaps feel I am wrong to feel the way I do? I am a man who isn't afraid to talk about how I feel. I really need some advice, preferebly from women, because they are experts on the emotional side of life, so please ladies some advice will be appreciated dearly, and do not be afraid to speak your mind please. Thanx, hope to hear from you soon.

jomcarex 32M

12/8/2005 11:20 pm

you love her... and that's why it hurts... maybe you should just disassociate your sec life from your love life? Ask to swing. She already does it, but don't resort to her level. At least tell her this is what you want. You give her whats she's wanted and she acts selfishly and takes more when you're not looking. Well tell her its your turn to take more too. And tell her you'll take it. But I don't think you should play the spiteful. I'm young and inexperienced, but that's what i think.

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