The things we do for family  

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2/11/2006 7:09 pm

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The things we do for family

wow! how to start? simply and short winded I guess.
I became a premium member about a week ago, after watching my kid brother surf this site. I've cruised the web for about 7 years now. We became roommates about 5 monthes ago, when he and his wife split. Me, being the older (wiser and superior- I tease him) brother by about 10 years, could not see my little brother get turned out into the mean, cruel world. Especially with winter coming on. So any way, when he first moved in, he would see me surfing and always inquire "man, What do you find so interesting there?" and "How can you sit there?" I was doing ebay, and searching out repair answers for work. One day we got talking about collecting and an item's value. I always use a certain website if I would like a quick estimate of value of an item. So I showed him an item that he had a question on. Well, this progressed into a conversation about dating websites after a couple of days. I let him fumble around for a few days looking for sites. HEY- most of the time, no better teacher than experience. I could see that he was becoming frustrated, so I did a search and gave him a list of free sites. He tried them, their free trials. After coming home from work one day, I glanced over to see him on this site. I have to admit, it looked a lot better than ebay or some old broken dowm a/c or furnace. So, I joined last week. within a day My profile was up! ODD though, I couldn't read french? Now what to do? I called customer service. Spoke with the billing office and IT, getting it straightened out. Over the next couple of days I sent out invites (network), read the blogs, and just checked out the scenery. On the fourth day, I monitored the a couple of responses had come in. Hey this is neat! So, I took care of business and then went to check my personal email. In there I found a letter from this site with a link. Why I clicked, I am still asking myself why? But I did. My antivirus went crazy!!! I quarentine the virus and went searching for answers. I am virus free again after some tense moments. Just maybe now, I can start enjoying this sites again. I recommend having up to date anti virus soft ware. I'll wander away now and come back again in a couple of days.

pinkplaytoyz 49F

2/12/2006 2:58 am

LOL!!!That's absolutely hilarious!Welcome to Blogville!

rm_AZboyinWI 58M
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2/12/2006 11:18 am

Thanks pink! Now you've done it! Encouraged this innocent virgin to contrbute more!! As you can see, I am new to blogging, but hope to throw some interesting topics out and become an active member, with my hope to be making the world smile. Again, thank you for your comments and encouragement.

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