There are some nice folks on here!  

rm_ALittleBad3 56M
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12/11/2005 12:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

There are some nice folks on here!

In my previous post, I make it sound like everyone I’ve talked to on here are all assholes, that is not the case. I have run across a few that have been real nice and I appreciate that! Still haven’t been able to find anyone who seems to be on the same page about things as I am, but that’s OK. I just wanted to say “way to go” to those of you that have contacted me and acted like reasonable, nice and decent people… its you guys that I’m sure will be the happiest!

Oh, and before I forget, to those guys that always IM me asking if you can suck my cock when I’m on cam, please don’t… that is just not my cup of tea, as should be obvious from my profile… I know how some of the women on here must feel that clearly say they are looking for another woman… in a lot of their profiles; they almost yell it out for the guys not to contact them… I might have to do the same thing to keep the guys away… LOL

Well, I only have a few more weeks until my subscription runs out, so we’ll see what happens, happy hunting every one!


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