Wow, dude  

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12/10/2005 4:05 pm

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Wow, dude

Hi, Ines

How do you pick which emails to answer? Is there a crew of people who goes thru them before they get to you, like the President has?

I couldn't believe it was really *your* email address; it's cool that you offer to communicate w/ all the men, women, and others that worship you... Okay, I'm teasing: "worship" is a big word, you know? My father used to lead 150 people as they worshiped, and they were pretty intense about it.

I love your name.

In the .jpg I'm looking at, you have your head back like a queen who's considering something I said. Your eyes are steady, your lips are relaxed, and the left side of your neck muscles stands out as if your body is ready for action. You're wearing what might be an informal evening dress, and the dress seems to complement your body even though much of your body is outside it. With your hand on your hip, the elbow cocked back, you throw out a sense of strength.

I like your lips. They look soft, sculpted, like lips that would give way softly when they're kissed. I was referring to the pair of lips just below your nose. Was that clear?

I wonder what you do, besides flaunting your beauty to the world and graciously reading emails from who-knows-who.

The bare breast in this picture turns me on, but what's in your eyes? They look as if they're pools a person could drown themselves in if they gazed at you too long.


What'cha gonna do when the crowd says 'Ay-oh'?


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