like it's soooo tough five (or the rise of Team Luke)  

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like it's soooo tough five (or the rise of Team Luke)

"listen, i gotta go."
hardly Shakespearean but it was all he had in reserve. A dreadful lack of preperation on his part.
"sure. you've got young minds to shape." Now that was funny in an awkwardly sweet kind of way.
"Hey, you gonna be here tomorrow?" What was he doing? Where did that come from? who said those words? What the fuck?! ""Cause it's Saturday and i'll have time for that oatmeal..."
Massive blush. She was volcanic.
"I think i can manage that". The bravado ran strong in this one. "What kind of server would i be if i sent you off into the unknown without the steadying hand of my stewardship?"
This was getting fun.
"See ya then."
Her answer was a simple, graceful, nod. The nod of a Queen's handmaiden. A nod a man returned home from wars for. A nod of blessing and of thanks. It was gonna be a good day.

His students knew. They noticed he was more animated than usual. They heckled his cheer and catcalled his suavinocity. Work got done, but it wasn't as laborious. His whip-cracking was with humor and broad physical gesture as opposed to the traditional glare or the legendary bark. He was known as a "loud" teacher. And he could live with it. But today was Friday.
And tomorrow was oatmeal

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