like it's sooo tough nine  

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like it's sooo tough nine

They walked to his apartment. Well not really. Since she had no idea where he lived they actually walked past his apartment. Why you ask when there was inuendo wafting in the warm summer air? Because he knew she need to regain her footing. The last exchange was like a blitzkrieg on her emotional state. Unexpected, lightening quick, it had forced her to make decisions on the fly. And these were no the kind of decisions that she made lightly or with no reguard to the price she might have so pay some day on an emotional level. She also knew he or rather they, might possibly be on to something here. Something rare and valuable and subsequently very dangerous.

The bar was on the corner. He had this figured out by the time they had crossed the street. How? He had watched this woman for quite a while. He "knew" her. The way she moved, the way she interacted with others at work and out and about in the neighborhood. His infatuation had actually taught him something. Or lead him to something. Someone. She almost tip-toed across the stree, walking like a little kid does when they first get out of the pool. As if she were afraid the cross-walk was made of glass and might give way beneath her. This was a woman who glided through the world. A ship through the sea.

Thus the need to extend the trip home.

HIs place was roughly 2 blocks from the bluffs over-looking the ocean. When he crossed the main thouroughfare that seperated the homes from the bluff she remarked upon reaching the other side,"So're homeless? You have a tent or a refridgerator box down on the sand?"

"Actually, it's a tarp stretched between two shopping carts. Nice view. Great breeze. Room out back."

"Nice. And where will you be dumping my bloating corpse?"

"Oh, I'm sure I'll have cut you into smaller, more managable pieces long before you begin to bloat."

She stopped and looked at him. "Are you always this quick? Ive dropped some major harrassment on you and you've never once fumbled or hesitated. I mean, i find it kind of amazing. Are you like this all of the time?"

"Only when i'm showin off for a pretty girl. There was that smile again. Blinding. "Hey, it's a nice night...I'd been sitting there for a while...what, we on a time schedual or something? Besides, if i walk you straight to my apartment and march you upstairs, It'd look like i just wanted to get in your pants..."

"and you don't?"
"with every fiber of my being...but you didn't let me finish..."
"'Cause i thought i was lookin petty hot this evening..."
"Stunning. Ravishing even. But my point is..."

"I happen to think this skirt hangs very nicely, accentuating my long legs and framing my strong child bearing hips in such a way that most men would find almost impossible to resist. In fact i left the bar simply because i was exhausted from fighting off wave after wave of manly, sexual, assault. Of course, i was merely toying with..."

"The skirt is brilliant. It makes you look like a young Stevie Nicks only without the freaky, coked-out wanna-be-witch vibe. The small gap between it and your blouse is the reason God invented the mid-rif and if your collar exposed any more of your clavicle I'd have to leave and compose an epic poem, but your NOT LISTENING TO ME!"

She stopped dead in her tracks. she had been meandering. She looked him dead in the eye and the smirk/grin was no longer about amusement or was purely, tauntingly, about seduction. "Why, teacher how you do go on."

Jake found himself suddenly dizzy. Seven words. Seven words uttered with such alure that they bordered on conceit. She knew who he was and what he wanted and she had decided it was time to have some fun with it. She wanted to toy with him before she ate him.

People tended not to realize just how big Jake was. His height sort of snuck up on them. It usually wasn't until he was right next to them that his size sort of overwhelmed them. Sara was hardly a fragile waif. She had to be in the neighborhood of 6' herself and those hips were attatched to alot of muscle that stretched like cable over the three miles of leg that she now shifted to her body's weight left upon. He closed the distance between them in what may have been three quick strides. Some womaen would have instinctively cringed or pulled away. Sara planted her feet.

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