like it's sooo tough eight  

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like it's sooo tough eight

Her gaze never wavered. Never. If anything Jake could feel it deepen into something almost trance-like. I burrowed into him. It was equal parts challenge and plea. It was all he could do to meet it at first. He struggled to hang on like trying to reach the table when the cookie sheet is hotter than you realized it was. Then, as her dare grew into a challenge, he fought to hold on, to keep it, for it. She blushed around it. But she wasn't going anywhere. Five seconds became ten. this could get primal. 20 seconds. This is what mammals do; lions in a pride, wolves in a pack(mating for life),gorillas in the mist. Fast aproaching 30 seconds and core breach.

"Good thing i needed a smoke."
"Just tell me something."
"Is this a hit-and-run?"
"Excuse me?"
"I mean do you do this all of the time? Is this your Motis Operandi? Am i the 'girl de weekend'?"
"Do I...what....?"

"Cause I'm fine with it. I really am. I'm a big girl. I know the difference between sex and love and i know how to distance myself so as to maintain a safety net. But, I do like to know up front. Saves time wasted waiting for phone calls and lame breakfast conversation."She was reeling now. She had seen a possibillity and the realization had scared her. The hope had scared her. How the fuck did he just...know this? He knew it though. Like he knew his name. Like he knew how to breath.

"That's not me."

She stopped breathing for a minute. It was actually less than this, but it seemed that long. She apeared on the verge of...something. Tears. Rage. Joy. Fury. He had no idea but she suddenly seemed so...fragile. The strength was still there...the integrity...but it was teetering toward colapse at any moment. He became very aware of the entire universe at that moment. He realized why he just "knew" how she felt and what she would do. Experience. He had felt this kind of hieghtened sensitivity before. But that time it was about danger and death and pain and he had blocked it all off. Can you cauterize your heart with an emotion? With enough pain? Can you then regain that...feeling?
Aparently so.

"i am not at all capable of that." His words were soft and strong.

"Whew." Finally with the exhale, he knew she was , in fact, holding her breath. "Good to know." She nodded her head looking like a fighter who'd just been tagged but made it through to the other side.

I" am also completely without guile so you have very little to fear with reguards to current or future deception. In all likelyhood you'll dump me long before i get the chance to dump you." Comedy to the rescue.

Her laugh was more of a snort. "Easy there Boy Scout. Keep this up and you'll blow that whole brooding, tortured, man-alone thing you're workin lately."

"Duely noted."

He cracked up. Her eyes sparkled with amusement and pride at having made him laugh. It was almost like NOW she was embarrassed. Her smile spread slowly and effortlessly across her face like the sun rising over flat land. He realized he had never seen her smile before. It was always that grin, or the smirk, or some other vieled responce that warmed, but never ignighted, glowed but never shined. At the moment he was in need of sunblock.

"Wanna go for a walk?"
"Among other things."
The smirk had returned.

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