like it's sooo tough X  

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like it's sooo tough X

He was within inches of her face. No, it was inside of an inch because he could not only smell her skin through the smoke of the Marlboro and the beer on her breath(which was shallow and hot on his face), he could feel the heat radiating off of her. This wasn't walk-related heat. This was straight from the boiler room, stoked deep red by desire and fed by yearning. they were frozen in front of eachother like two dogs on the verge of a fight. Bruce trickled into his mind's soundtrack;

I looked straight at her
And she looked me straight back

"i'm sorry. You were saying?" This chick's veins were glacial.
"I was saying you weren't listening."
"My apologies."
Gratefully accepted."
"You were attempting to justify your reluctance to bed a staggering bueauty such as myself in the face of my obvious desire for your rogueish good looks."
"I was attempting to explain my noble desire to make my intentions know before i ravished you."
"Intentions?" One eyebrow lifted, qestioning.
"Rogueish?" An eyebrow counter.
"Rather. Casually elegant. Rumpled bohemian. Jockish intellectual. Take your pick. Hot by any other name is still hot."
"i wanted you to understand that I...wanted more than that...not that that wouldn't do...i mean, i'm the straightest guy you know...but...i want more of you than just that." He had no idea if what he just said would make a bit of sense. truthfully, he was feeling a rush of desperation that, coupled with his crazed need for her, threatened to crush him if he didn't get this right.
Her eyes widened and softened at once. Her head tilted slightly to one side as if empathizing with his struggle. "And what more can i give to you?" A question and an offer.
"Everything. All of you. Your heart. Your pain. Your...youness."
She searched his face for what seemed a hundred years. "I think we should go to your apartment now before I tear off your clothes and make you my love slave right here in front of God and everybody."
"Weeell I don't know..."
"Doubts? Second thoghts? Don't think I'll beg you fool. You wanna miss the greatest sexual experience in the recorded history of heterosexual..."
He kissed her then. As softly as one would a sacred object. Lightly he pulled away and she uttered the smallest of gasps. An angel suprised. His second kiss was upon parted lips. she stole his gasp and laid her hand on his chest. He had never felt heat exchange between two bodies this intensely. Nor had he felt it spread this quickly.

"Home it is."
"Yeah. good call."

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