like it's sooo tough (lucky) seven  

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like it's sooo tough (lucky) seven

Why is it the most amazing moments in our lives happen when we aren't even remotely aware of the potential for their occurance? Every time Jake had primped and planned, packed and travelled, shopped and cooked...the evening/trip/rondevius never live up to the expectation.

The light from the corner street lamp was situated directly behind her head...the resulting halo of light was more than just a tad desturbing for our unprpared hero. While angels are portreyed as beautific, loving creatures of god(Travolta in "Michael" is a favorite)...what everyone forgets is that they were also God's executioners...when there was slaying to done, an angel comensed to the chill that ran down his spine was a skosh disturbing. and that voice...where had he....
This is how the brain of a man works...while the woman has long-planned this senerio, has a script , has worked on dialog, exhaustively chosen wardrobe

Must complete later...i have a new puppy and she is attempting to kill me)(THANKS FOR YOUR INDULGENCE...WE RETURN TO THIS EMI SCHEDUALED PROGRAM)

a man is totaly and completely at a loss. If women would ever realize this in it's totality, our utter uselessness in the face of their beauty/kindness/charms, the glass ceiling would shatter...war would cease...hunting liceses would no longer be needed...Texas would go solar...

Was he dead? That would be like die and somehow miss it. Was she sent to fetch him to the other side, or snuff out his puny life as some diety-deemed sacrifice? If ya gotta go...might as well travel with a stone fox.

He fumbled for his Zippo...the lucky one with the tacky dollar sign on front in fake jewels. The angel lowered her head for the light and her face was clear.
"Hello Sara."
OUt kinda late there Teach. People are gonna think you're unfit to shape America's youth."
"You mean warp America's youth. Hey, a man's gotta eat right? Who could possibly deny a man's God-given right to a couple of chicken tacos?" Huh? He was doing that nervous thing he did when he was off gaurd. Natter off a series of mindless comments that resemble comedy and maybe no one will notice that you're a dithering idiot.
"I'm not constitutional expert," she intoned seemlessly, "but it maybe guarenteed in the Bill of Rights. Or was it the Constitution? Like i said no lawyer." She leaned back in her chair and let out another big hit. She just sat there. Grinning. At him. Like a cat with a bird at it's feet. "And just what has been so important that it has kept you from eating a proper meal at a more decent hour?"

Did I just say that out loud?
Oh fuck!

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