hardly noticable yet hard to miss  

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hardly noticable yet hard to miss

"so, your people were circus folk?"

"Yep. Mom swallowed swords. Dad worked the high wire. The midgets were my playmates. When i started school i was always in trouble because i thought everyone smoked in the sandbox." This chick missed nothing. She fielded comedy like Ossie Smith fielded grounders. "And your family were probably drillers? Punchin wholes all over Texas and Oklahoma? Or maybe woodsmen?" Nodding toward his rapidly swelling errection,"Strong hands, broad shoulders, big...axes?" If she raised that eye brow one more time he would have to propose.

"Good thing I pulled up the carpet and did the floors. You'd have ruined a carpet clean through to the wood floor."

She looked down and laughed. It was a laugh drenched in precoital implication. She reached down and ran her hand over her pussy. He noticed how she juped a litle as she first made contact. then her inability to remain still as she slowly ran her hand through her labia. Once. Twice. Passes three and four made slippery, sloshing sounds. His penis heard them as a lonely she-wolf's call to her mate across the canyon of the living room. She looked up and showed him the palm of her hand. It looked like she had just removed it from a sink of dishes. "Gotta towel?"
"How about a shower?"
There was that eye brow again. "Do you Jake take...". "Well you did say you were all sweaty and now..." He'd let it hang there...see how she handled the implied challenge. He knew that she'd never duck it. It was just a question of what her spin on it would be. There was no run in this woman. There was also no predicting her reactions. He only knew that she would most certainly do something. A woman of action.
"Yeah and you smell like the harbor at high tide. I thought i was having the surf-n-turf when you were in my mouth." She said this as she breezed by him running her hand across his chest as she passed by on her way to the bathroom. He watched her as she walked away. She walked on her toes.
She knew he was watching. She knew everything. She stopped at the doorway and with her hands bracing one edge leaned against it so that he could admire all three miles of her impossibly long legs, her soft high-riding ass, and the weighty j-shaped left breast peaking beneath her arm. "hurry up Studly. I need my back scrubbed and in my weakened state I'm afraid I might slip and fall." The old "Damsel in Distress" trick. He was now helpless of course as, next to tears, this rendered him totally without will. One last stab.
"So you need me?" Dammit, she wasn't the only one who could raise an eyebrow.
The Kitten disapeared. It was all her now. Naked. alone. She squared her shoulders to him and held his gaze for as long as she could. Her eyes shined. "Like I never thought I could need anyone or anything." And then she had to look away because she was certain he would laugh or look away himslf or reject her in one of the million ways people carelessly shrug off the desperate calls from one heart to another.
He crossed to her slowly. She floated somewhere between fight or flight now and he didn't want to
spook her. He also was not entirely certain he had regained full comand of his lower extremities after his near paralization at the lips of this delicate creature frozen in front of him. So much power. Incredible strength. A passion that burned like a wild fire in the canyons. He took her face with his right hand and turned it to his. she looked into his eyes and he saw the sun and the moon and the light of every star in the universe. this was her laid bare for him to glimpse. If he blinked he would never see it agian. He stared. With wonder. In awe. It was, at first, like he had never seen before. A baby opening his eyes to the flashes and the camcorder and a bunch of people in masks. A blind man in a revival tent receiving the touch. And then the wonder was gone. The awe faded and he changed. No longer Abraham, he became Gabriel and conducted his own tour. He showed her. His heart. His soul. His searing white love.
Her eyes widened. She did not blink. Her jaw did drop ever so slightly and her lips parted with the tiniest of gasps. Then she just...nodded. Slowly. She reached up and took his hand, kissed it, and lead him into the bathroom.

"You got decent soap? I hate lousy soap."
Yes. very cool.

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I'm amazed at how few comments you receive given how wonderful the writing is... but then, how many times can one say: "Damn, thats good stuff!" without seeming pretentious.


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i love that you have a blog!! grrrrrr....makes me twitch.

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Who's that fag reading this shit?

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