draggin ass and takin names  

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5/5/2005 10:51 pm

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draggin ass and takin names

ok...i teach and my greatest fear is souding high and mighty and grandious and pompous like most of the idiots i've worked with and around...you know the type...i teach therefore i am all that is wisdom and knowledge...i am the fount from which all knowledge flows...that coupled with inheirant sense of entitlement...i work hard and am HOOOORRRRIBLY underpaid for faithfully, lovingly, shaping america's youth and our country's future...so everyone must give me something...your attention...a discount...a better seat...leaniance for my insessant tardiness...better parking...

gimme a break...what, you guidance counselor in college didn't expalin that the hours and the pay sucked?

did you misse the day we covered the chapter titled "life sucks. get a helmet."?

so take this as i mean it...as a guy having an enjoyable moment during a tough week at the most difficult time of the year...
open house...yeah...theat's a 15hr day...after three days of state testing...when we started in the gym(late) there were more teachers on the gym floor than there were in the stands...that was...disapointing...turned out that, like many of their children, they were tardy...spent the first thirty minutes in my room talking to a former student and wondering if any one was gonna show...6 students, 4 mothers, one aunt, one dad and a grandma, assorted siblings later the security gaurd was chasing us out and it was 8...
i'm beat...but i' feel like i could...we could(teachers/students/parents) do anything...heady stuff hope...
got home at nine after assing off with some bad seeds in my department...thought i'd bee in the rack by 10:00...it's 11 almost...had to get this out...i'm gonna bask for a while and then crash...
it's a good job

scubasnack2005 58M/58F

5/6/2005 4:06 am

Matt Fury's Combat Conditioning would be stunned. Always signs off with "Kick Ass, Take Names".

But after doing all the things you have to do, he'd have probably wimped out long ago.

"Keep on swimming". Dora; "Finding Nemo"

PS> My sister was teacher for 35+ years, and it is amazing that you have no idea exactly when and how you are shaping appreciation.
But is comes back to you across the years, and is the sweetest surprize gift when it occurs.

Keep the faith.

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