a hard days night...workin like a dog  

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a hard days night...workin like a dog

The kiss was different than the last at the bottom of the stairs. This one was less frantic and much more of a promise...a prelude as twere. It was clearly her "turn". She kissed her way down his chin to his neck, collar bone, unbuttoning his shirt has she went. She did this one-handed for her right hand was occupied with the back of his neck, his hair. Not at all hurried or rushing...not this woman. She ahd all the time in the world and she was enjoying every inch of him. And it wasn't like he was hating it. This was heaven. To be touched...good and truely touched...beyond the skin, beyond the flesh, past the walls, through the thicket of scars...to his starving soul. Yeah, he could wait. No problem. With the last button undone, her hands shifted into action.Working in concert the shirt was gone in on swift motion.

"Better." Her Eyes never left his chest as she said this. Her hands were resting on his shoulders. She slid them to the ends of his shoulders at the top of his arms ans rotated them under his armpits untill they were cupping the back of his shoulders. She pulled his chest to her mouther and delivered sloppy wet kisses all over his neck, collar bones and chest. Nipples were encircled by her tongue befor they were nibbled playfully. His cock twitched with each change in location and shift from lick to kiss to bite.

And then she did it. she removed her right hand from behind him and placed it on the center of his chest above and between his nipples. She rested it there. Gently as if check for his heart beat or to see if he was breathing. He felt like he had been punched. By Mike Tyson. The tenderness, the intimacy of this simple kindness flooded his body and he trembled like a leaf. She felt this of course. She was attentive after all. She looked up into his eyes. And she saw it all there. The neglect. She sorrow. The loss. The yearning. His need. No smirk now as she saw the tears well.

"OK." A nod. Her touch became a rub. To soothe. To heal.

"OK." He could not look at her. His breat in was deep and slow and just a little ragged.

"Easy." She murmured reasuringly. "I'm a trained professional"

He answered her with a laugh that almost a bark. She giggled as she went to her knees in front of his errection. Her hands trailed down his torso as she did so. Suddenly all of the electicity that had been crackling at every nerve ending all over his body rushed to follow her her hands. She was dragging the pleasure to him. A lage drop of pre-cum exited and hung from the tip of an errection he was certain would cut diamonds and puond steel spikes trough railroad ties. Could a penis actually explode?

The drop fell slowly, never reall breaking off from his cock but spiderlike, lowered itself down to her awaiting tongue. she stacked it like honey back upr to the head of his cock. and then she swallowed his whole penis to it's very base in one slow steady motion until her forehead rested against his belly. She move her head from side to side against the hair on his stomache. She did not move away. Her tongue and lips and teeth were slowly working to accomidate his length and girth. His head rested impatiently just past the top of her throat. Her hands slid around and her fingers slipped between his ass cheeks to pull him closer or hold him still he really wasn't thinking clearly enough to know or descide or even care. He grew. Her jaw clicked as it widened to allow her to move again against his stomach and edge him further down her throat.

He came. She never moved. He couldn't buck. He couldn't hump. She was vapor-locked to him. HIs ass cheeks slammed together. Her fingers were pinned. He twitched and jerked and felt like he came in waves. His cock heaved up load after load. He grunted, groaned, and cried out. Hel he damn near "hollard". HIs legs burned from his ass down his hamstrings and around to the front of his thighs. He would of collapsed if she wasn't bracing him, refusing to release or let him melt into the floor. Just when it seemed as if he had finished...his ass had relaxed...he was flat footed after who know's how long on his toes...she slid him out of her mouth, grabbed him with her hand, put him back in her mouth and steadily pistoned up and won the lenth of his cock, each time stopping just short of the base of his shaft. She wouldn't stop. His subsiding orgasm was called back, summoned to do her bidding again like a lul in a tune. He came again. This time it wqs a frenzied thing. He was an animal caught in a pleasure trap and she was attacking. He bucked and she pounded away. He was light headed. His knees bucked slightly. If they hadn't she might never have stopped and he would have spot-welded to her.

She leaned back on her haunches. He leaned against the wall. Can you giggle evily?

"How ya makin it stud? You gonna be alright?"

"Fuck." It was kind of a wisper. But in a raspy manly way.

"OOOO that sounds like a great idea! I think i could use it." At this she looke at the puddle of lust that had run down her legs while he was in her mouth. He glanced down at the shiny little lake on his hard-wood floors. He grinned as he felt his cock slowly begin to spring to life again.

"I think i just had multiple orgasms." His voice was incredulous.
"Oh yeah?",she said."Me too."
"Guys don't have multiples...do they?"
"Well i would'nt call a doctor or anything. Unless you want to avoid it or something." Dry. So very dry this one.
"I was thinkint more along the line of the people at Guiness."
She cracked up.
Cool still was acheivable.
Now if he could just remember where he had put his legs.

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Very well written. Cudos!

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