Why I love my job!  

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8/29/2006 9:36 am

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Why I love my job!

My most recent fantasy begins @ work on a Saturday when no one is usually there.
I'm in the tack room oiling the saddles that line the walls on saddle racks when a beautiful red head co-worker strolls by. She pokes her head and says "Hey hun!" then walks on. I yell down the hall "What's up dude?" befor she dissapears out the door. She doubles back and scolds me for calling her dude. I tell her that I've had a crush on her for quite some time now and "hun" kinda confused me. I wasn't sure what to say to that.
She walks into the room and stands in front of me as I kneel on the floor next to a western saddle. I can smell her perfume...Realities, I think. She looks directly in my eyes and I don't back down. I stand up without breaking eye contact and drop the oily rag on the floor. We are now inches from each other. Our body heat doubles as we both lean in. Our lips touch and I savor the taste of her strawberry lip gloss. My hands instinctively find her hips and I pull her in close. Our bodies meet and I can feel her nipples harden through her cotton shirt. She wraps her arms around my neck and our kissing becomes ferocious.
We break apart only long enough to remove each other's tops. It is a sweltering 102 degrees outside and my chest is soaked with sweat from fencing all day long. I shift my gaze to her bare breasts. A trickle of sweat meanders between her cleavage and I bend slightly to lick it up. She moans and arches her back as my hot tongue blazes a path to her belly button.
I am now squatting in front of her with my hands clutching her ass. I slowly move my hands around to undo her jeans. Button fly...my favorite. I rip them open exposing her white cotton panties to my wanting eyes. She kicks off her shoes and lets her pants drop to the floor. She steps out of them and starts to slide her panties down over hips. I reach up and grab her hands. I want to open my present. I slowly unwrap the rest of my gift exposing her blushing flesh. I can feel the heat radiating from between her creamy white thighs.
She leans back against the saddle I just oiled and slowly parts her thighs. Her swollen pussy lips glisten with moisture in anticipation of a tongue lashing. I shift my weight forward brushing my stubbly cheeks against her freckled skin. I kiss and nibble her soft inner thighs as my hands glide up and down her long legs. She slides her french manicured hands down her firm belly and spreads her pussy lips for me. The aroma is intoxicating. My head begins to spin and I can feel myself losing all self controll. I quickly turn my head from her thigh and my tongue finds itself pressed against her throbbing little clit. I begin to slither my tongue up and down one side of her clit at an agonizingly slow pace. Then I cross over her hardening nub and caress the other side of her clit. A mixture of my saliva and her juices begins to trickle down onto the freshly oiled saddle. Clamping my mouth over her exposed pinkness, I drink in her juices and dart my tongue in and out of her pulsing hole. She shifts her hands to get a better grip on her increasingly slippery labia and I quickly suck her clit into my mouth. I suck hard on the soft flesh while swirling my tongue under the hood of her clit. Her moans grow louder and one of her hands grips the back of my head. She rocks her hips back and forth while she grinds her crotch into my mouth. I feel the muscles in her long legs tighten and she cums all over my tongue. I am now drunk on her pheremones. She tries to push my head away from her sensitive flesh but I am determined not to miss a drop. I continue shoving my tongue inside of her tasting her honey.
She can take no more and grabs me under my arms. She stands me up and drops to her knees. She wrenches open my belt and tears my shorts off. I am not wearing any underwear and my cock springs to attention and bounces off her chin. She looks up at me with her big blue eyes and a wicked smile crosses her face. In one quick motion my cock head is sliding it's way down the back of her throat. She deep throats me repeatedly slathering my member in saliva. She pulls my cock from her throat one last time and starts jacking me off with a fury. My cock is covered in saliva and the constant pumping of her hand is bringing me so close to orgasm. She stops her ministrations when she feels my cock begin to twitch. She stands up, looks me dead in the eye, and slaps my cock with her delicate hand causing me to come back down from the brink of orgasm. She cups my balls in one hand and uses the other hand to offer me a nipple to suck on. I suck and lick her rock hard nubs as she scrapes her fingernails across my scrotum.
"Fuck me." she says in a low sultry voice. She spins around and mounts the saddle. She leans forward exposing her little asshole and slippery pussy to my view. I throw a leg over the saddle and nestle in behind her. My cockhead rests on her tight asshole and she reaches back to guide me toward her tight slit. I take my cock from her hand and start to rub it up and down between her swollen red pussy lips. She shifts her weight back and my cock sinks deep into her hot tunnel. A gutteral moan bellows out from her causing all the horses in the barn to whinney and grunt. We rock back and forth on the saddle slowly increasing the tempo. She looks back over her shoulder and begs me to fuck her faster and harder. I stand up in the saddle angling my cock so it is pressing against the front wall of her gripping pussy. The new angle allows me to drive into her deep while maintaining a furious pace. I pound into her as her juices pour out around my rigid cock. Her clit is rubbing against the saddle and her pussy is being stuffed over and over again. I slide a finger between us and feel her pussy lips stretch around my shaft as it slides in and out. I gather some of her cream and rub it on her tight little puckered asshole. I continue to drive her into the saddle as I slip a finger into her ass. She gasps at the initial shock and then trashes about uncontrollably as I alternate strokes between my cock in her pussy and my finger burried in her ass. Suddenly, her whole body goes rigid as she starts to cumm all over my cock. Her muscles repeatedly grip and release my cock and finger. The sensation is too much for me to handle and I thrust even deeper as my own orgasm takes hold of me. Our moans echo thru the barn as I fill her box with my cumm. Our combined juices seep out around my dick as the ferocity of my thrusts decreases. Spent, my cock slips out of her and I collapse across her back. We remain slumped over the saddle rack for a few minutes until our breathing returns to normal.
As we peel our sweat soaked bodies apart and put our clothes back on, we notice her supervisor (a gorgeous brunette) standing at the tack room window. Her blouse is undone and one hand pinches a nipple while the other rubs hr mound. We motion for her to come in. She turns the door knob and enters the room. We cross the tiled floor and take turns kissing and undressing her.

Well...that's enough for now...I'll save that one for another day.

rm_8SUDOL8 42M
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9/14/2006 4:24 pm

    Quoting noordinarychic2:
    hey...it involved a redhead! i'm all about it!! dude you can write!! noc2
I do love red heads;p

noordinarychic2 48F
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9/13/2006 11:10 pm

hey...it involved a redhead! i'm all about it!! dude you can write!! noc2

rm_8SUDOL8 42M
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9/6/2006 9:13 pm

That means so much coming from you. You're the best. D agrees ;p

need_more_please 64F

9/1/2006 8:52 am

Wow! I am speech less.....dammmmmm!!

rm_8SUDOL8 42M
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8/29/2006 1:28 pm

Thanks sexy. Now if only we can make it cum true.

rm_8SUDOL8 42M
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8/29/2006 11:55 am

Unfortunately this is only a fantasy for now...Maybe you can help it become reality. Do you ever come to VA? Keeping my fingers crossed. My next one will be a true story though.

2daycowboywanted 45F

8/29/2006 9:47 am

Fact or fiction is what I wanna know?!?!

Until later

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