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1/7/2006 12:07 am

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hello ladies... or whom ever, but im looking for ladies so ill assume thats whos lookin -anyway!!! im here to meet some freakky ass woman/women who arent afraid to just let go -straight up somoeone willing to just get nasty -cus i think i might be nasty -isnt that when its best,,, anyway i digress id like to say right off the bat that im not desperate im just curious in the sense that id like to explore my kinky ass side -while in my regular sex life the opportunity may arise from time to time but as a monogomous person in the past 10 yrs ive only had 4 women and my last was not a freak -so ive just been deprived, i have good equipment and i know how to use it im caring gentle and firm but i love to fuck -im looking for someone who loves and knows how to suck a good dick number one lick the balls -let me fuck her in the ass and cum on her back!!! and not so much in that order but anal sex is a fantasy of mine and i figured id be able to meet that WOMAN here -sorry dudes -lol, anyway i love thick women but not BBW women -well truth be told size doesnt matter as much as looks and cleanliness to me -i like big guls but nothing ridiculous just holla -dont b skerred mo cushin fo the pushin i guess but i love big booty girls with thick thighs long legs some hair i can pull when um bangin that back out -im not really down with sado mas shit i dunno nuttin bout this shit i eh gonna be ur slave u cant spank me -ill slap that ass but dont squeeze mine -lol, i love to eat pussy -could u beleive my last girl didnt want to give or receive orals!!!! a yr damnit of my life without head, i thought all women gave head since 94 -whut the hell!!! anyways i want safe shit poppin off -dont think um gonna come lookin for some shady character somewhere off in the boonies -i wanna see ur faces or a hell of a good body shot! -i know of one im interested in dealin wit already but once again i digress -pussy!!! ive had a lot so it dont bugg me out im not that trick, i mean obviously im tryin to trick a lil suttin -lol but u cah pimp me so if you tryin to run game -run right on by (funny shit is that the chicks that would be tryin to run game eh readin this) but i no matter what will respect you and expect the same in return -i expect to be upfront about what im looking for and want -that the only way i can get it -so know i wanna fuck u in the ass!!! -u might not let me, and obviously id still want the pussy but im up front, i have fantasies i want to fulfill hopefully i can be your fantasy and we can both get off together have safe sex and a shit load of fun but please dont expect me to want to be with you -i mean relationships take a lot more than fuckin so if its not there dont trip, -if we fuck buddies please know that we fuck buddies -we all pay our own ways in life, for now i think ive pretty much gotten most things off my chest, tonight im horny as a motherfucka -i havent had any pussy in what -2 month now since me n the ex went splitville -somebody give me some pussy -please, i got a big dick!!! strong back!!!! fast tounge!!!! HOLLA


1/7/2006 8:04 am

thats what im talking about. fuck me.

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