Searching LV for women who love erotic teasing  

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4/26/2006 6:24 pm

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5/30/2006 7:10 am

Searching LV for women who love erotic teasing

In many ways the art of erotic teasing that centers around arousing the woman for hours at a time, while watching, hearing and feeling her climax over and over is the one thing that drives me crazy with desire. I enjoy having her lay back knowing she feels no reciprocal pressure from me and the time we spend together is all about her pleasure. From the soft music, aromatic candlight, and all manner of accessories designed to arouse every one of her senses to the tastes and touches that will sate her fully nothing is more fufilling than watching her enjoy each orgasm. Even women who say the are not multi orgasmic manage to overcome that myth when they are mentally, physically and spiritually relaxed and exposed to the passion unleashed within them.

It's all about making one of her erotic fantasies a reality, unlocking the desire she keeps tucked away and allowing it to take over her mind, body and soul. First make love to her mind and her heart will begin to feel things unknown. Then tempt her heart so that her body will ache to know what it is missing. Finally quench the thirst her body craves and she will know what it means to live.

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