Help me understand.  

rm_4u2nodessa 54M
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11/9/2005 4:29 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Help me understand.

I read through the adds and i seem to find something in common with most of them. If a man sports a "Big One", he will have no problem finding someone to play with.what about those of us that are just average or a little under? Should we just give up, or are there women out there that would enjoy the other aspects of great sex? Just curious.

purplepassion08 46F

11/11/2005 4:50 am

well i'm not sure my oppinion matters but it is just my oppinion , but to me its not about if the man sports a "big one" as u put it, lol.... yes some men that sport the "big one" seem to get all the fun but in my experiences the men who sport the so called " big one" have just that a "big one" and worry about only using the "big one" and to a woman its not just about the "big one" it takes more than that for us to enjoy a nice session of sex...... to me its not about how big it is or how big it isnt, there are other aspects that deal with the sex thing all together, a sensual passionate kiss can make all the difference in enjoying a nite of sex just as a man who knows how to use his tongue in those special places <smile> many men out there dont have the slightest clue but think that just because they sport a "big one" they are king of the world, but are the worst lovers out there, lol...... but in my oppinion they are so so so wrong and dont have a clue..... but this is just the oppinion of 1 woman who knows what she likes and thought i'd share my comments with you , hope this helps with ur curiousity.... give me the choice of a man with a "big one" or a man who knows the better aspects that come with sex, i'm going with the man who knows about the other aspects.......

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