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5/9/2006 12:50 am

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too much about me?

I couldn’t sleep the other night after ‘joining’ AdultFriendFinder, spent too much time thinking about what I had read here, in everyone else’s blog and taglines. Although I’m a quick learner, I had to get an idea what AdultFriendFinder is like. I spent about two hours surfing the site. One of the thoughts that rolls around my sleep deprived, over caffeinated, too full head, is that; 1) I posted a lot of things as ‘average’ on my profile, I am anything but average 2) If I want anyone to understand this, I need (want?) to prove it. So in a page or so, here’s a quick rundown. Although I am 30, it’s 30 going on Mid-twenties. Most people won’t believe that I am 30 and I still get carded for liquor. I got out of my last relationship about 4 months ago, and she not only kept the house, dogs, etc. But I am starting to realize she kept some of my friends as well. Time to move on and that’s what brought me here. Have no idea where things are going, but that’s half the fun!
I spend my life between college and work. I’m trying to finish (get out alive!) a four year degree, and most of my life is spent there. This is how I force my OCD or whatever it is that won’t let me sleep, to be productive (weak attempt at a joke). This is crunch time for me, but soon I will have more free time than I have had in the past few years. Funny how college used to be chasing skirt and swilling beer, but today I attempt to be serious and focused (most of the time) on campus. It’s a little too stuffy for me, honestly, but I have a goal to achieve so work before fun. The only problem exists from long hours at school and weekends working, I have made no new friends of the opposite sex that aren’t married, in the midst of an unpleasant divorce, etc. I have tried the bar thing but that’s been going over like farts in church SO, thought I’d try this site.
Before you read any further let me clarify what I think I’m looking for and capable of.
Here’s a few things I have low tolerance for;understand that I hate BS. I need honesty, if you can’t give it, please keep looking. I’m not new to the truth and prefer it, no matter how honest. I hate drama, my last two relationships were with self proclaimed ‘drama queens’ and I have had enough to last quite a while. If your married, I’m not interested unless you have permission to play. I have slept with married women before, realize today that I don’t like being cheated on, so don’t ask me to help you cheat. I’m sure there are plenty of men around that could benefit from the lessons I’ve learned. Just from experience, someone’s going to find out and you will have double the mess you think you have now. It all goes back to drama. Oh, if you start most sentences with ‘like totally’, own more than 1 Britney Spears album, or have three kids from three fathers, let me save you some reading, you and I are not compatible. Other than those few ground rules, I’m open to further discussion.
Ok, I’m not shy here, but I am in person until I get to know someone. I would like to find; new friends (we can work on the benefits part if everything else clicks), or just sex (if that’s what you want, I can give it, just don’t call me 12 times a day after) let’s not confuse sex and love. I am not afraid of a relationship, just need to get my life settled for the next few months before I have time to engage in anything serious. I am tired of spending my weekends watching re-runs, and sleeping alone. I have real talents to offer the right woman, just not having the greatest luck finding her. All my personality makes me tough to handle from time to time. I might be cheap, but I’m not easy, or does that go the other way around? I forget.
I have no picture posted, because I’m all over town. I have worked in sales, I have been a bar fly, I have been in GJ for at least 8 years (second time around) and I’m soon to graduate. I don’t want the person that might be interviewing me to have seen naked pic’s. of me posted on the net! I have no problem getting or being naked, I like my body. Just think if you want to see me naked we might as well play ‘I’ll show you mine…’ I know right now my body could benefit from some fine tuning due to the recent hours spent indoors typing on this infernal machine, reading books, and no sex-ercise! I also post no picture because about every 5th stranger thinks they know me from somewhere, and I don’t want it to become every 2nd stranger. Trust me. You don’t know me, I’m still learning who I am every day. I know it’s just an expression, but it gets on my nerves after hearing it for a few years.
I’m no innocent, and would prefer meeting like minded people. Kinky, crazy, and loud, are a few adjectives that I have heard to describe me. I love a good drink, and can still play till the sun comes up, but my recent life hasn’t allowed me be sleep off half a day. Things are busy on my end and I don’t have the time or tact to make sure most women can handle what I offer. So if you think we might to engage in some mutual exchange, or you have questions, drop me a line or make a post and we can chat. I think things like sex, friends, good relationships, begin with some mutual chemistry. So this is the most important thing to me, to see if we mesh. Please understand sex is a primal thing born from mutual attraction, no hard feelings if it doesn’t work out on either end.
I have never blogged and haven’t posted a personal for a few years, but that’s what keeps life interesting, adventure, new experiences, and fun. My future posts will depend on feedback (and time), so lay it on me. I’m not scared (of most things) and appreciate honest criticism. Thanks for taking the time to get to the bottom of my rant. ANYONE should feel free to say what ever, it was still a free country when I went out side today.

Just to encourage a few posts, where’s the most public place you have had sex??

Mine would be in my car, on Main Street, in front of the bar, at 4:30 P.M. on a Friday. I love an adventurous woman, who can be spontaneous.

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5/9/2006 5:08 am

LMFAO I think I need a coffee now...oh, a cemetary at night... I guess, do blowjobs during the day in a moving car count? Best wishes on AdultFriendFinder

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5/10/2006 1:44 am

Wetta 1,
Spanks brother, good luck to you! Can't belive a male is the 1st to read and post. Still need sleep, post more when I can.
If you enjoyed counts 4 sure. Just 4 my curosity, how many MPH? I understand it's all relative.

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5/19/2006 6:45 am

LOL Sounds familiar! Hopw ro actually MEET some "REAL PEOPLE" on/through XMatch but, being ...
# 1 "male" (Though I am a "REAL GentalMAN" [USUALLY[ at least in public)!
# 2 Well over 40!
# 3 NOT a "Mpvie Stae" or Celib!
# 4 LESS than a multi-Millionare. (Ok, I WOULDA been if Dad hadn't left it all to the Pope but.... SHRUG it was HIS so... !)

But I still have Discreation, HONESTY & Humor and (USUALLY) some hope too!

Oh, the "most pubLICK place...." hum... Does that mean ORAL ONLY? ' hehehehehe

Hay, she got me drunk & took advantage of my Youth & IN_OH!_sence?

LOL Steven in Grand Jct.

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