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5/25/2006 10:51 pm

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Careful, contents under pressure!

So I went out on a date tonight. First one in a while. The food was good, the conversation was flowing, but something was missing. I don’t know about everyone else but I want it to BANG. I want to see fireworks, I want to get weak in the knees like I was 16 again. I don’t want to date a woman, I want to date a WOMAN.

I know part of the problem is that I have yet to heal from the last woman who ripped out my heart and did the river dance on it. It’s been five months so I figure that I’m over it and should move on, I know I’m not going back. Sometimes healing has to be forced, for me.

The other part is I can see the woman I went out with tonight is way into me, yet we have only gone out twice. She says things like “will you miss me?”, and I want to say “no, we don’t know each other like that” but who wants to hear that? I replied with a smile and a hug instead.

I have a great friend that lives about 5 states away that is about to get divorced. Listening to her has opened my eyes to the fact that we can date anyone, could marry most of them, and live normal lives. That’s not what I want. I want to find a woman that’s as kinky-crazy-passionate as I am. I want chemistry. I want a woman that can keep up, and I move fast. I want CRAZY wild un-inhibited sex that lasts the day. You have done it too, I’m sure. Just call in sick to stay home and play naked! I can’t be the only one.

What is this about the relations between a man and a woman? Why can something so good suddenly take a nose dive for no obvious reason? Why is it that we are SO attracted to some people that just don’t return the emotion? OK I don’t expect any great answers, these questions plague most of us, but lay it on me if you have ‘em.

I’m not new to dating, but it’s like getting back on a horse that threw you. You clench up over every little move that goes on. I thought I was ready about 2 months ago, met a girl out and she took me home. Things were ok for about 2 weeks. I was running late to meet up with her, ran into a friend which made me later. So I’m about 20 minutes over-due and she sent me about 20 text messages before I could brake away from a buddy I haven’t seen in 8 years. Calls 10 times before I can get across town, I ignored them because I was trying to drive fast in traffic. I show up and she’s crying, starts a fight that I could not work out a solution to, so I just dropped it. DONE, next in line please. I'm so sick of fighting.

When I say I would like to find a woman as crazy as me, this isn’t the kind of ‘crazy’ I mean. I want someone who will go on a road trip at the drop of a hat. Stay up all night talking, drinking, whatever as long as it’s fun. Someone who will skinny dip, have sex outdoors, a WOMAN who wants to have new experiences that we can share. (where are you???)

Please, if your reading this and think you might be it. BE WARNED I’m a huge pain in the ass. I have goals in life that can’t be put on the back burner. I sleep only when exhaustion sets in, I think too much, talk too much (once we get to know each other), sometimes I drink too much. I’m a big geek. I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and I’m hungry little red riding hood.

Wonder why I’m posting this on my site? Because I see so much honesty in the people that post their blogs here. I think you could know someone better from reading up on what they wrote than you could sitting and talking for a few hours. It’s just a theory, but we will see! I just think the next woman who thinks she can rope this wild stallion best understand what she’s getting into, (or do me a favor and just try to ride instead of hitching me to a plow!) so here’s another page out of my life. If I just wanted sex, I’d be out getting it, I want SEX so I’m trying here. Quality before quantity.

Please take this with a grain of salt, it just might be a really bad day. I bought a phone that I relied on (blackberry). ALL of my life was in there, and it met an un-timely demise. My numbers, appointments, etc. just gone and there is no way to get that info. So now I have to find $200 to replace it, blah, blah, blah. The whole thing just kind of left me numb, especially because it was just a stupid accident that it’s gone. My car, phone, and VCR all broke this week. It’s just stuff, but I don’t have the spare cash right now to keep up with it all. I’m leaving town for a few days to try and clear my head. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Stop reading and get outside!

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