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rm_4it921 61M
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8/4/2006 11:45 am

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8/9/2006 12:22 pm

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I came on this site in the hope of meeting some new people, getting together with some new people and yes! maybe getting some good uncomplicated sex.
I have only really spoken to two people of any consequence, one who was great and one who was a t.t and said I was too old after chatting for ages
Now Brad Pitt I aint (see photo) but I am an intelligent and on a good day witty person so why the hell does no-one reply to anything I write to them.
The odd reply yes! but in general after the first e mail I get no more.
I dont really like the chat rooms because I cant really follow them and they seem a little bitchy (and bitchy fellas I really cant take). Good luck to everyone maybe you have to be in the know or something.
So I started blogging and visiting other peoples and suddenly I found a whole new world of great people.
My point is I suppose, how many of you on here have changed your wants and needs since you've
been on here. I am now an unashamed blogger who gets more laughs just talking shit and reading other peoples views.
My luck has changed anyway (thanks ???from San Diego and ???from Newcastle) just by being me in the bar and so anyone has to convince me now rather than the other way around.
I know i'm sort of rambling a bit but everyone I get on with on here lives nowhere near me (not even in the same country). So is this another point. Is it so much easies to talk to someone when you really know that you'll never meet them and that there will never be any pressure to? ( there is one exception and we fell out (sorry I fell out))
I would just be interested in other peoples thoughts here because i'm now enjoying myself but not in the way I thought.

What do you think.!!!!

Bye the way Anyone in Belfst can still talk to me in fact i'd quite like it.

Take care playmates xx

phoenix639 49F

8/4/2006 12:20 pm

Well i think most members know that ive changed my mind over my initial reason for being here...i get slagged off enough for it.

I now only meet fellow bloggers & we have a ball.

My first meet & greet was a blast & ive another next week that im sorting out. I will keep on organising them for as long as i wanted to...maybe even have a new year greet for my brill friends ive made on here.

The blogs are the best place to meet REAL members.

rm_4it921 replies on 8/4/2006 4:59 pm:
Yeah! I really agree with you. The world should be called BLOGS "R" IT"


marnison 79F

8/6/2006 3:23 pm

I totally agree with Phoenix and
not knowing your name...I can use that for now.
Words..tell a lot of how people react...without seeing their eyes..
or their body language..
we know a little of how their minds work.

My choices have changed since blogging...I talk to real people ..via the phone...have met a couple in r/t.... but the blogs are a whole new dimension.
love it.

rm_4it921 replies on 8/7/2006 12:51 am:
Thanks. I really do believe the best people are on here once you find them.
Found you didnt I.

marnison 79F

8/7/2006 5:50 pm appears that way...


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