Things I have done and things I'd still like to do  

rm_4it921 61M
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7/17/2006 5:01 pm

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7/26/2006 6:12 am

Things I have done and things I'd still like to do

We all want to do certain things and i've been lucky to have some great jobs that have allowed me to fulfill some dreams.

I have lived a very full life which sometimes means I was too busy to do some of the other things I should have.

So here are some of them.

I have :

Swum with a dolphin.

Been to Hong kong : Thailand : Barbados ( The greatest place to get your head showered in the world ): California : New York : Most of France : Germany : Prague ( one of my favourites ). Most of Europe. Delhi

Ski-id down a manic black run and come close to sh....g myself.
Ski-id down a worse black run and definately shit myself ?

Still got a crush on my first love.

Made some (not all ) women actually scream with pleasure with tongue and other bits.

Made one woman in particular compare me to a wet lettuce ( not a good day that ! )

Had my dream job (still got it )

Had hair ( aaahhhh those were the days )

Eaten all my favourite foods in the correct countries (best Thai in Thai ; worst a New York hot dog...sorry but New York was great )

Faced a West Indian fast bowler ( didnt scare me I didnt even bloody see it )

Met a whole bunch of famous people who were fantastic.

Met a whole bunch of famous people who were complete wankers (cant really say )

Made some people happy and done a lot of good turns.

I havent :

Been to Australia : Alaska or Japan

Whale watched ( see Alaska )

Gone back 36 years and made love to my first love properly

Ski-id down a black run whilst smiling

Apologised to the woman who thought I fucked like a wet lettuce.

Saved the world.

Go back to Barbados ( January thank God. Anyone wanna come.)

Do something thats meaningful to others not just make 'em laugh.

Stick a whole bunch of todays worthless politicians who actually could save the world in a bloody big boat, sail it to the Bermuda Triangle and sink it slowly.

Come back for a second trip and sink all the idiots who didnt pay attention the first time.

Develop a new strain of Tequila that didnt turn me into a complete dick after a bottle.

Give everyone else in the world the patience to listen to me after a bottle of Tequila

I think thats enough for now. I thank you for your patience and hope some of you get in touch.

I'm new to this blogging lark and hopefully will get the hang of it before too long.

Actually I could do another 50 pages about sinking politicians but I'll spare you the grief.

Take care all and be careful out there.


Greekgirl4u06 39F

7/18/2006 12:15 pm

sounds like youve enjoyed some wonderful pleasures in life.....fartheset out of the country ive been was into mexico and thats only because i lived in arizona at the time and very close to the border......i have a lot of places i want to go and goals i want accomplished, hopefully i will be able to do half before i leave this earth....nice blogging hon!

rm_4it921 61M
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7/18/2006 1:43 pm

Greek girl you sound like the only girl that gives a sod about me and my ramblings.
I have to say your a pleasure and I'm off to your own blog.
Good hunting babe.


concretejock 38M

7/18/2006 5:07 pm

I hope to have half of these experiences in my short time here, and perhaps I will. I just recently erotically danced with a female body builder who's had six kids and is going to appear in a magazine this week. She is definitely a wild one!

rm_4it921 replies on 7/20/2006 3:38 am:
Thats definately one for me to add to the to do list.
Nice one

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