One of those days and my dogs  

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7/17/2006 1:12 pm

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One of those days and my dogs

I dont know where to start really but i left the house this morning in a good mood. Didnt have to work today and so had nothing specific to do.

Popped in to the local bar for a blackcurrant squash/cordial (wherever your from) and there were a few mates there sitting outside. Got talking and gradually people turned up one by one. The circle got bigger and bigger, the sun got hotter and hotter and the craic got better and better.

By 5pm I couldnt drink the bloody squash/cordial anymore and so a wine was in order. Ended up drinking Mateus Rose and feeling like I was back in the seventies (only needed a black forest Gateaux and I would have been).

Craic got better and better and the tourists started to join in and so much crap hadnt been spoken for a long time. Thanks to Molly from San Diego and Melanie from Perth who were a great laugh and to my knowledge still there and getting more pissed by the minute.

Had to leave despite the good laugh and come home to feed the dogs (I was a bit late and thought they might be pissed off with me). Lo and behold even they were pleased to see me (maybe the chicken in the Tesco bag had something to do with it).

Dogs ? Oh yes
I have two and they are both great and I couldnt have got a better welcome. One is a rescue dog who was badly treated ( torture isnt good enough for bastards who would mistreat a small animal) and today she sort of completed her recuperation and became less afraid and gelled with my other dog who ive had since a puppy.

So there you have it nothing earth shattering or world changing. Just a F....g great day for me and a great day for my dogs in the end.
Boring as hell for all of you but bloody great for me.

Take care all of you and great hunting.

Mike the happy bunny. xxx

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