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7/26/2006 1:40 am

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I was asked the other day in one of these psycometric surveys or whatever they call them "Now exactly what makes you angry."
Now you have to think about that because they are awaiting your answer with glee so that they can label you as :-
Mass murderer
Potential crime lord
Mentally unstable
Bed wetter
Non respecter of anything they want respected
Or all of the above.

So there I was thinking of a million things that annoyed me that I daren't write down and like a bolt from the blue it hit me. Bloody idiots ! Its so simple. Bloody idiots make me angry.

No matter what event you put it down to ( Driving, manners, crime whatever ) the people who commit the error are just plain and simply bloody idiots.

They have less sense than they were born with
and generally less sense than anyone was born with. They dont even have the sense to know that they are idiots.

By the way im not talking about unaccademic people who maybe dont want to know the theory of relativity, although that doesnt bar you from being one. Im talking about people who are just plain F.....g stupid.

I was behind someone once whose shopping bag broke and I stopped to help them pick up their goods. It didnt take long to realise that they had 3 bags of shopping forced into one bag. This is what I mean f....g idiot. Take another 2 bags their f....g free. For all I know this person has a degree in Quantum physics but the common sense of a gnat.(apologies to all gnats).

Ive watched people trying to park and failing. without ever realising that the space they were trying to get in to was smaller that the bloody car. Why? Because the space was 5 meters closer to where they wanted to go.

I must interject slightly here to point out some obvious anomilies in this theory. In a bar conversation about this very point A mate said George Dubbya was an idiot and so was TPrincess Tony Blair.

I beg to differ. The are Evil Bastards not idiots. They will spend the rest of their lives in sumptious surroundings earning millions looking down from a great height at us and being revered by idiots.

Bush and Blair were voted back in BY IDIOTS.

Theres the rub Eh!

So there you have it Idiots are what make me angry and so I put it on the form.
No one asked me about it and asked me to explain it or even commented that it was a strange one word answer or the fact that it was in capitals and underlined. This would lead me to believe that they were quite possibly ...... You guessed it.

Bye everyone xxxx

rm_bigmamma61 55F

7/26/2006 3:59 am

excellent, as always, your rants make me look at things from a different angle, is it the welsh in you, the actor with a great imagination.
Laura xxx

rm_4it921 replies on 7/26/2006 5:36 am:
I agree with the above ( immodest I know but what the hell )
, however , in this case it genuinely was a stupid psychometric test.
A bit like the ones on here really.

Take care xxx

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