rm_4funin3s 42M/39F
37 posts
5/24/2006 8:16 am

You are simply nothing more to me
What you call a soul, is nothing more than a void
I will scour away your base humanity
And leave you to bask in shame and degradation

I will annoint you in semen
You will be baptized in love sweat
On my throne of blood and hate I will reign
Your humility will excite the flesh freaks

Every orifice will be defiled and corrupted
My pleasure shall be your utmost fear and dread
You will be on a leash 12 miles long
I would almost prefer you try to flee

I will shackle you merely with the look in my eyes
Restraints won't be neccessary, but they will be
Noone else will have you
They would not dare to sink that low

Come now pet, you have duties to perform
If not totally satisfied I will act accordingly
You must travel past the bounds of perversity
That is your only salvation

Prepare yourself for the eventual

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