Players and Other ppl that piss me off....  

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7/17/2006 2:00 am
Players and Other ppl that piss me off....

Just a way to vent i guess.. and express my opinion since like not many ppl know who i am here. Cept a couple that actually met me.. Anyways, just was wondering if anyone really reads these.. i mean a blog is just a way to leave an electronic foot print in the vastness of cyber space.. a infinitesimal, barely a blip of ones and zeros... in other words.. something that is there but not lol.
This is my day in a nutshell.. it fucking blew donkey scrote.. EVERYONE I talked to on here or on yahell had an attitude that was like what the fuck?? first i had a long time friend tell me to never tell her again that im concerned or have pitty on her cuz she has a desise brought on by stress or genetics but yet i never even eluded to it in any of our conversations.. i DID however ask her how she was cuz thats what friends do.. "how are you" "how was your day" but then if they are in a pissy mood about life, bf/gf's and so on .. then i say just wondering how you are doing .. dont meen i should get my ass chewed off and handed back to me on a paper dixie plate..

Then i get into AdultFriendFinder Chat room and see ppl ive talked with for the last 4 days.. (since i finally figured out a way to read all that stuff w/o much of a headache lol) But when i said good bye NO ONE EVEN NOTICED.. Even after i put it in bold text bright red! Also, i read one chic said she was on the prowel for men and then said she never throws away any guy back into the water... and i said well im a man and she says hold on.. and then comes back later after checking my profile and says.. nope not my type but ill give you to "so and so" .. she's into big men and black guys... im like OMG.. that fucking offended me big ass time.. guess she did throw men away..

Thats what i fucking hate...
P-L-A-Y-E-R-S!!!!! NOT talking bout the men(or women) that go out and date a bunch of ppl and tell each of em they are the only one.. Im talking bout the players that say OH Yeah you can trust me. Looks dont matter... You got a great personality.. or plain sure ill fuck you(then after meet said no way is it gonna happen) ... or like that chick that said she dont throw no men away(and did) .. Why cant ppl just be straight.. I AM>. but guess that makes me a minority..

But hey this is a shitty world sometimes. got to make the best of what you got and can get.
That is why i appritiate every friend i have.. even if they get pissy sometimes.. i dont bail on em.. even if they cuss me out. guess that is all the licence some ppl need to walk all over me too.. grrrr

And since this is about other ppl i dont like.. i am a father of a 2yo son.. but I am in a situation where i still live w/ his mom though as far as im concerned we are not nor ever be together.. she and i do not have a physical anything.. nor sleep in the same room.. but still are living for the sake of my son and for some ease on bills.. well she went to far tonight..

i was talking w/ her and said that since i lost my job and havent found anything ive been feeling totally cooped up in the house (not including all the times i went out and looked for work..)that i wanted to go do something different and visit a plutonic friend in another city near Wichita ks called Salina. Me and my friend (who is female) have been friends for as long as i known my son's mom.. but we talk all the time on line and just have similar interests.. (photography, music, general stuff) and she and i hang out as much as we can.. till recently when my son's grandfather passed away and her family has turned against me .. so any female friend (whom i have more of then guy friends) is saw as someone im fucking (which is none of their fucking buiness) so now they wont allow me over to their house unless im dropping off my son and his mom. and only then just like a min.. and not even allowed in the house.. and NOW they want ME to get therypy.. Im like what for.. "cuz youre hurting your son's mom by going out and cheating on her... you have commitment issues" .. well of coarse i have commitment issues.. I dont think i can love her that way.. Not cuz i was in a 7 year marriage b4 her and it ended when my wife left me for a guys who turned out to be more homosexual then bi.. (she was clueless to the obvious since he had a live in bf... but thats another story) but because she thinks she has to tell her family EVERYTHING! And when i say everything.. i mean everything to what we ate for dinner to the fact i even talk on line to ppl.. and they (her family) being nosey ass as they are, are trying to impose their ideals onto me. Sorry folks aint working.. if i want to talk to friends on line fuck you if you dont like it.. i have every right.. and even if i meet and decide to do anything w/ these women.. well im not married... again, i have every right.. but yet dealing w/ my son's mom on a daily basis.. that is a lil diff. cuz im sick of the b.s. I have to put up with..I cant talk to her as a friend cuz she just goes off and tells here family like a lil narc and then they end up hating me more... so i dont fucking trust her to tell her anything and one thing i do know about a relationship.. is there has got to be some fucking trust.. WELL she fucking lost my complete trust tonigh cuz She THREATNED me that if i go see my plutonic friend in Salina.. that she and my son would not be here when i got back.. Im like WTF.. im not going to go screw my friend... (shes engaged as far as i know) im just gonna hang out.. she says,"thats not the point.. she dont like me and its wrong for you to like her because of that." IM like OMG... you are serious.. just cuz someone dont like you i cant like them??? Youre fucking nuts.. cuz not EVERYONE is gonna like EVERYONE of your friends.. and your friends may not like other friends of yours.. dont mean you have to stop being a friend to one or the other .. does it??? She(my son's mom) is just threatend by the fact that me and this other chic get along great and she and i dont.. so she uses this to "tattle" to her family like a lil 6 yo girl(which is exactly like how her family treats her no matter what, so freeking spoiled..) so now they hate me more then ever.. so im really about to bite the bullet and prob the sake of everyone's happiness to let her take him and just move. I personally could not support my son w/ the financial situation and my job situation.. nor hire a lawer to do anything for me and her family has money.. at least he would be cared for.. that is what matters to me.. just i cant think of not haveing him around it breaks my heart.

So far i have to cow down to whatever she wants and she knows it or maybe not contiously but still uses it against me. I dunno... But im bout to a breakin point..

its been 2 years and 6 mo.. since he was born.. and before that, well before she even knew she was pregnaunt... we broke up.. wasnt till 3 months later that she found out she was pregnaunt (cuz of denile) and then informed me.. and then her family promptly kicked her out so she moved in w/ me and my mom (whom i was living w/ at the time due to my divorce) took her in, cared for her so she had it as best she could so the baby could be strong..and guess she got used to me doing stuff for her to the point she is dependent on me being around.. and IM SICK OF THAT TOO!

Ok ok ok ok.. breath.. puff puff.. sigh.. Im threw venting.. So anyways not meaning to bore you guys but thnx for reading..

Guess that bad mood ppl had to day just caught up w/ me.. funny how that works out.

Comments and opinions are welcome so go ahead.. i take it all at face value.. just dont be rude is all i ask.

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