Sex on a Sat afternoon  

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3/15/2006 12:31 pm
Sex on a Sat afternoon

We checked into our suite about noon,a great view of lake Ontario and CN tower meets us.Our date with Alexis wasn't till 4:30 so we decided to go out for lunch and a quick drink.Walking down Younge street we stopped at a great noodle house"ZYNG"(awesome soup)for a bite.We took a seat at the window so we could watch the zoo go by.A couple minutes later a pretty women sat down beside us.We could feel an immediate vibe,a sexual tension filled the air.A glimpse,she smiles at Lori,I see Lori getting excited.I stroke the inside of her thigh, too bad we already have a date,she's sexy,we would have loved to meet her.But alas the moment passes and we find ourselves walking away,heading for The Brass Rail. After a couple quick cocktails and the entertainment of the beautiful dancers there we head back to our hotel.
Alexis arrives a little early catching me in the shower and Lori only half dressed.As I finish my shower she opens some wine and pours us all a glass.When I walk into the livingroom Lori has her pretty lingerie on,her nipples hard.Alexis feeling over dressed soon takes off her blouse and pants as we all sit down on the couch..we all kiss and have a sip of wine.But we can't wait,and start playing with the girls nipples.Alex and Lori have such pretty hard nipples and watching them play with each other is making me hard.We all take turns sucking the girls nipples as we slip off first Lori's panties and then Alex's.Both pussy's are shaven mmmmmm ,and wet as I lightly touch both thier clits .It's time to move to the bedroom, and we hurry to the bed.
Alexis lays down with her head over the edge of the big king size bed and spreads her legs for Lori.Lori slides up between her legs and looks at me as she dips her tongue down into Alex's wet pussy.Alexis moans and reachs up,pulls down my shorts and grabs my cock.Lori is licking her clit as she takes my cock into her mouth,she sucks hard and starts grinding her wet pussy all over Lori's face.Lori starts fucking her tight pussy with her tongue faster, they're both moaning loudly now.Alexis is close to cumming now,she sucks my cock deep into her mouth and grabs Lori by the hair.She shudders and her body shakes as she cums all over Lori...thats so she catches her breath she and jumps everytime Lori tries to tease her clit with her's so sensitive..they decide to trade places and I kiss Lori tasting Alexis.We all get on the bed now and Lori gets on her back.Alexis starts rubbing her nipples all over Lori's swollen clit,teasing her,making her squirm.She finally takes a small lick at Lori's clit,which makes her suck in her breath.Faster she starts licking it,first with the tip of her tongue and then with little circles all around her clit.Lori grabs my hard cock and starts stroking it.Pulling me towards her she sucks me deep into her mouth as I start playing with her hard nipples between my fingers.Alexis slips a finger into Lori's pussy and starts licking her pussy hard from her fingers all the way up to her clit..faster she licks and we can feel Lori start to cum...she cums hard,her body shaking..
I don't want her to stop so I grab her favorite vibrator"the Rabbit" and hand it to Alexis..she's so wet it slides right in as Alexis turns it on.Lori loves it,she starts fucking it as Alexis starts the beads spinning.It doesn't take long and Lori cums again,squiting all over Alex's hands.
I kiss Lori softly as she comes down from her erotic high.Alexis moves up and starts licking my balls.She wants some toy action too.Lori grabs another toy,a little bigger and Alexis gets on her knees and starts sucking on me somemore.Lori comes up behind her,the vibrator lubed she slides it all over Alexis pussy which makes her hips start to move.Alexis starts pushing back,she wants it inside her and Lori gives it to her.She starts fucking Alexis with quick short pulses that drive her wild.She's sucking my cock hard and fast now and I know she's going to cum again..better be soon otherwise she's going to make me cum..Lori has such a beautiful horny look on her face as she fucks Alexis with the vibrator,she wants her to cum and then Alexis does pushing hard against Lori she takes the toy as deep as she can...I can't wait anymore and as Alexis catches her breath I lay on my back and Lori straddles my cock and slides all the way down on it.Her pussy is so warm and tight,she starts bouncing up and down on it taking it all in and then pulling out almost to the tip.Fuck I'm hard.Alexis slides between my legs and starts licking at my balls..mmmmm...this isn't going to take long...faster Lori starts fucking me with just deep hard thrusts her hips pounding into me.Alexis comes up and slips her nipple into my mouth..I suck hungerly as I feel it coming.I reach up and take Lori's tits into my hands and push up deep inside her..I cum..1,2,3,mmmmmm,4 squirts, filling Lori up,we all collapse on the bed.Stroking each other we come together and kiss as the afterglow engulfs us.We laugh enjoying the moment,knowing the nights just begun,and we haven't even gone out yet..but thats another story...

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