All oily and slippery..mmmmmm  

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4/30/2006 6:07 pm

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All oily and slippery..mmmmmm

With both of you down to your bra and panties and me with just a shirt we jump onto the bed.Lori reaches over and kisses you deep, your tongues flicking at each other,sucking on each other.I unhook your bra and Lori slides it off,moving her hands over your skin she cradles your tits and starts pulling on your nipples.I grab a bottle of massage oil and squirt it all over your pretty breasts.The smell of vanilla engulfs us as Lori slides the palms of her hands all over your slippery nipples,and I unhook Lori's bra.You pull it off.I start squirting oil all over her as you start playing with her rock hard nipples.She moans.You move togeather and start rubbing your tits against each other,sliding,shiney,all slippery,I slide my hands inside both of your panties from behind and reach up slowly past your wet openings,up to your clits.You both start to push against hands as you grind your clits against my hands.I can't believe how hot this looks,my cock hard as a rock Lori squirts vanilla oil all over it and starts to stroke me.You slide out of your panties and Lori squirts oil all over my thigh.You straddle it and start grinding you pussy all over it.The oil making it so slippery I can feel your hard clit dragging up and down my thigh.You start stroking my cock and Lori slips out of her panties.I squirt oil all over my other thigh and Lori stradles it as well.Both of you moaning now fucking my thighs with your throbbing clits,my cock standing straight up as you take turns stroking it.Lori pours on more oil,it starts running down my balls and you take my cock in both hands start to stroke harder.Lori's close and as you pinch her nipple she cums,shuddering,her pussy throbbing she throws back her long hair.Seeing her cum makes you fuck my thigh harder,Lori takes my cock into her hand and squeezes it.Your pussy throbs, you push it hard against me and cum hard.Your breathing hard,your chest heaving as you come down from the erotic high.Grabbing the oil Lori squirts more on my cock,she loves lots of oil.Both of you start to stroke me.faster you both rub it .One then the other,playing with my balls all the time,pulling on them as my hard cock starts to throb.I can't hold out to much more and I feel that old point of no return go by and can't wait.With 2 more strokes I feel it cumming and hold back as long as I can.With a flush of pleasure I shoot my cum up into the air hitting both of you in the tits,I squirt again and again,my body shuddering.You both fall onto my chest and we rub the oil and cum all over our bodies basking in our afterglow.Laying there we all kiss..

rm_chrissy4funn 53F
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5/4/2006 5:02 pm

there are no words....i'm pulsing...

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