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He couldn't believe that shw was actually coming to his place. He had fantasized about seducing her for such a long time. It seemed almost too good to be true.
He thought of how he'd kiss, fondle and lick every part of her and how he could put his hard erection deep into her and cause her to orgasm over and over. His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. He became aware of the bulge in his pants. He hoped she wouldn't notice and leave.
He opened the door and she smiled at him. She wore a black leather skirt with a black satin shirt. His mind began to spin. He invited her in an led her to the living room.
The room was lit by candles and music played softly in the background. They sat down talking as they had done numerous times before. He sat close enough to smell her perfume, the scent combing with the soft candle lgiht was intoxicating for him. Holding his breath, he gently put his hand on her thigh, waiting for a response. Without pausing in the conversation, she gently squeezed his hand. He leaned towards her, kissing her lips gently. She put her arms around him and pulled him close.
He pulled her to her feet. He began to unbuttoning her shirt, slowly showering each exposed area wit warm wet kisses. She sighed. He easily pushed the shirt off her shoulders to reveal a delicated lace and satin teddy. Her erect nipples pushed easily against the teddy. He licked his lips.
He started kissing her neck and shoulders, unaware that she was unbuttoning his shirt. Her hands began massaging his chest, while his hands unzipped her skirt. He stood back slightly, seeing the rest of the teddy and moaned, especially when he saw the garter belt and stocking. He knelt down and kissed her mound, that was covered by the lace and she moaned. He stood and she upzipped his jeans.
His erection sprang forth as she pushed the jeans down. She knelt down and slowly took his thick erection into her mouth. Little by little, her mouth covered his erection. He moaned in pleasure. Gently, he laid her down on the thick carpeted floor and knelt beside her. He began kissing her neck and shoulders, then using his teeth to gently pull the straps of the teddy of her shoulders.
She sighed. Still using his teeth, he pulled the top down, exposing her large breasts and hard nipples. As he licked, kissed and caressed her breasts, She felt herself getting very wet. He kissed her stomach and his hand unsnapped the teddy, exposing her mound. His tongue played in the thick curly hair, teasingly poking between her swollen, throbbing lips. She moaned in a low voice and thrust upward.
He nestled himself between her legs just inches from her wet, hot mound, inhaling her intoxicating odor. He used one to gently spread her swollen lips apart so his tongue could easily exlore her. His tongue probed deeply, tasting her desire. He licked and nibbled her until she had orgasmed twice, spilling her juices for him to taste.
When he had his fill, be began kissing and licking is way upward. He began to nibble at her hard nipples and she reached down and grasped his hard erection. He moaned loudly. He rolled onto his back and she began kissing his neck, nibbling his ear lopes. She worked her way to his nipples and gently nibbling them, listening to him moan. Her hand was massaging his stomach, slowly going downward.
Her mouth hungerily followed her hand. She started at the base and very, very slowly licked up one side of his throbbing erection, until she almost reach the head. He cried out and thrust himself upward. Suddenly she plunged her mouth onto the top of his erection. He moaned loudly. She responded by sucking harder. She could taste him and wanted more.
As her tongue played up and down his erection, she plunged her mouth onto his erection. He moaned loudly and reached down to pull her onto her back. Still moaning, he moved until he and his thick, hard erection was between her legs, near her mound.
Slowly his erection spread her swollen lips and began to slowly push himself into her. He was stretching her to the limit, she cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She had never had a man as big and hard as he was.
Finally he pushed himself completely into her, moaning as he did. This moment was better than he ever imagined. He, the younger man had given pleasure to an older woman. But he was also getting pleasure from her that no younger woman could give.
Easily, gently he began to thrust. He increased the speed and force. Slowly, revealing how tight she felt. He smiled in satisfaction as she moaned. He could feel the orgasm building deep inside him and he thrusted harder and harder. She lifted her legs and he was able to plunge a little deeper, and it caused him to explode inside her.
She could feel herself being flooded by him, as the orgasm intensified, he screamed out, never experiencing an orgasm of this strength or duration. He collasped next to her, his body still trembling from the power of the orgasm. The older woman taught his a lesson in passion, the he could never forget.......

ZZ_Todd 59M

8/14/2006 10:26 am

Good stuff here! I actually started feeling like I was the leading man in this story... (wishful thinking!) I liked it even better than some of my Steamy Stories!

rm_zubguy 56M

8/16/2006 3:48 pm

another triumph!

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