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3/27/2006 7:37 pm

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what is unknown to others but is formost in your mind ? hmm dunno? well then Fantasy, Love, Sex, all extremly personal to you and well me as well. but anytime i get asked a question,i live every day like it may be my last yea sometimes lol hard to think at the worse of times. i love life, myself, my kids , my family and my friends new and old if no one can except me for me then please just walk away, because i can not and will not tolerate being changed this is me take it or leave it... yes my blog entry changed from the begining to now lol i know this and that was the point, if you want to know more ask but stupid comments will not be tolerated i may still be young but doesnt mean i need to act like one(child) anyways this is me lol ask away if you want to know any more

angelofmercy5 58F
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3/27/2006 9:01 pm

Welcome to the blogs!

rm_Shortdogg65 51M
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3/27/2006 9:24 pm

I like the dragon. Shortdogg

lifeisablast333 53M

3/27/2006 9:46 pm

cool blog post, tell it like it is, and don't take crap from anyone.
it always freaks me out, to here people say, oh they will change, they love me, they need a clue, glad your you, and wanting to stay that way......the redneck

rm_3ravens76 39F

3/27/2006 11:56 pm

well ty lol i had to change my blog apparently was um inappropriate but thats ok

rm_Exwhorecist 49M

4/11/2006 9:05 pm

nice philosophy.... ahhh, and of course the dragons, who doesn't like a good dragon ( ok, except for perhaps a dragonlady - ok ok, even a dragon lady can be good in some instances lol ).

Anyway, hello n such and sweet dreams of dragons etc lol..



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