When do you find the beginnings to an end?  

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12/12/2005 2:15 pm

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When do you find the beginnings to an end?


I've always heard of people creating their own blogs before. I find myself very surprised that today I begin writing my own.

Throughout this blog you will read poetry, past stories, and possibly some new ones. My life is not as exciting as I wish it would be, but isn't that the way everyone's is?

First, I guess I should impart a little bit about me. I am twenty years old and pretty fresh on the scene. I party allot, and I try to keep my home as the center of attention for my few but close friends (I did stress few but close, right?). I do smoke pot (FOURRR TWENTY), and cancer sticks (as I lovingly call them). I only drink maybe once or twice a month, and even then it's for a reason (party, birthday, apocalypse, you know whatever...).

Secondly, I LOVE sex, and I love everything about it. I have a deep yearning to learn more, and then some. I am open to try anything as long as my partner and I are both mutually comfortable.

Thirdly, I absolutely ADORE women! I love women of all ages and sizes (Just not TOO plump, ya know?). I enjoy teasing a woman and making her want me. The thing that turns me on more than anything else is making my partner cum hard. Then being ready to "do it again". As I stated in my profile, women are like a fine wine. Good when they are fresh out of the vineyard, but better when they've aged a day or two .

Finally, I work as an Engineer (a sales engineer to be precise) for C.M.S.I., and I love my job. My income is nothing robust so don't assume as much. I live in a fairly decent house (Garage/Driveway/3-Bed/2-Bath/2-Living Rooms) with my room mate (Whom, per his request, I must make certain to keep his identity 100% concealed.). My room mate is NOT gay is NOT bisexual and is NOT interested in this lifestyle.

Now for some character, heh. I drive a straight up piece of SHIT 1986 El Camino. I dress up with my nice tie so I can go sit in an office... unfortunately everyone see's this professional looking man get to and from work in the most rusted off beat piece of shit car you will ever see. 'Nuff said, move on-

Well, I hope you enjoyed my first Blog entry.

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