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12/21/2005 12:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Dear Blog,

Well, I finally got enough points to become a silver member. It really wasn't a priority so it did take a while. Now that I'm silver I've noticed an influx of people more willing to contact me (or reply to my contact.). Which is a good thing.

This is really not only my first blogging experience (to write at least b0g was my first blog to read), but also my first time to meet people over the internet. So you can imagine that a few things seem somewhat foreign to me.

I'm sure nobody reads these things are mine are just about as boring as they can really come! I can at least say that they're pretty good considering the raging party outside my bedroom. I really should be getting back to my own event...

P.S.-Sorry to anybody whom took valuable (time is money) time from their schedule to read my worthless (actually it would be worth negative dollas cause you WASTED time) blog article. You poor bastard, may the good lord of corporate ladders place pity upon your soul (and then I say, "what soul? I sold it for an extra hour!").


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