OK, you asked for it!  

rm_3inchPete 52M
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9/22/2005 3:49 pm

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4/6/2006 12:07 pm

OK, you asked for it!

Due to popular demand and a constant stream of questions like:-

Is that really yours? (Would it be anybody elses?)
Is it fake? ( What like rubber? No!)
What size is it? ah!

I'm going to take a few photos with a tape measure
Length & girth online for everbody and hopefully a smaller mail inbox. Don't let that stop you saying hello though!
Might also go for one of those grip it hard bulging veins shots too, get really fat. Maybe I should be open to requests


chatoune58 58F

9/29/2005 3:37 pm

WEL hello no this is not a faked one and its urs all urs and i am sure u are a caring lover so dont mind just jalousy

rm_3inchPete 52M
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10/1/2005 6:23 pm

Thanks Chatoune!

My photoshop isn't good enough to fake anything!


paramour_amour2 52F

3/7/2006 2:11 pm

what tape measure did you use, lol, bloody hell if thats 3 inches, then maybe youd make a killing selling the tape to others on AdultFriendFinder lol. on a serious note,what sort of peeps ask if thats fake maybe a visit to specsavers is in order.
i do like a good cock pic, i know most women dont but hey im not most women.
paramour xxxx

rm_SusieQ27 46F
2093 posts
11/12/2006 3:05 pm

Mmmmm......is all I want to say, hun.

Mind you, it is difficult to talk with one's mouth full.

<<<<<Mine are ALL as nature intended too, don't you know.

Luv n stuff,

softladypat4you 57F
95 posts
11/15/2006 9:49 am

I agree with paramour, I'm one of the few ladies who LOVE cock pics, most don't, but I do. And I'm not like most other women you'd meet either. I was kind of thinking the same thing as paramour about "3 inches" WOW!!!! That's the nicest 3 inches I'VE ever seen. Would love to do more that just see it!! I also love those pics where a guy holds a beer can or pop can beside his cock. Nothing wrong with that at all. Would love to see more pics of that gorgeous cock if you ever want to take some. Send them to softladypat4you on this site and I will admire them always *wink*

rm_Sarah6960 56F

4/24/2007 12:29 pm

does not look fake , looks lovely
mmmmm just how long/thick is that?

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