My attraction to older women Part 1  

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7/20/2006 11:49 pm
My attraction to older women Part 1

I do not know about you guys out there….do you have fantasy being with older and more experience women when you are young? A sick psychological problem? …hahah…then all men must be sick….then again…it is the reverse for girls wanting older and mature men? Well….at least I have my dream come true and from there on… attraction to older women grew stronger…..

It all started 8 years back when I met Lynette, a beautiful Chinese girl whom I met at a club. She was doing her degree in Mass Comm. in Perth Australia and she was back in Singapore during the term holidays. We were seeing one another intimately whenever she is back from Perth and usually end up at her place along Holland Road area. Come to think about it, we never ever commuted ourselves to be together. Not like couples…guess just for sex….fuck buddy?? As some would put it.

Occasionally I would see her mother, Linda around the house. A divorcee, a great cook, a property agent who speaks and dressed remarkably well. It would be difficult to gauge her age by looking at her. She has a great smile and keeps her body well tone with regular exercise and swimming. Anyway….it all started to build up one day…….

One night in November, I spend the night with Lynette, it was a great evening …we had dinner, dance a little at a club, chill out at a nice pub and head back to her place for some fun….it was indeed a great night with Lynette.

When I opened my eyes early next morning, Lynette was on her way out, she blow me a kiss and said that she needs to settle some banking matters and will be back around noon time. She took my car and left for her chores. So I decided to sleep a little longer since I have the opportunity…not easy to get a chance to laze around………. After a while I was awoke by loud, thumping music coming from the outside so I decided to check it out…I thought Lynette was back as I checked the time. It was 10 am, I got up and proceeded down a narrow passage towards the hall. The music was actually coming from the kitchen….as I was about to walk towards the kitchen, I saw an image …..

It was Lynette’s mum and she was dancing!!!…dancing and swaying to the rhythm of the music…..moving her body and her hips …hmmmm….she was good. Very more like a exotic dancer. Her back was facing me so she did not notice that I was standing along the passage looking at her…. She was in her usual modern kimono Style silk robe, soft and fluid as it floats and gently touches her body as she move to the music. It has a nice bluish green color like aquamarine and little embroidery details. I noticed her sash belt was not tied and was dangling off the robe….. Just then she was so into the music and her robe came off her shoulder…guess she thought no one else was at home and did a little voyeurism. She has her top half exposed as she turned towards my direction….. Wow!!! I was stunned…I could not move, could not say a single word…. She stood there, directly facing me, her breasts exposed, her tits was pointing and her robe off her shoulders, the front of her robe was wide open, her private part was exposed, she stood with her legs slightly wider. She was stunned as well. She stood there for a couple of seconds and hurriedly covers herself up in her robe and tied up her sash belt……I took a step back, and hurried back into Lynette’s room. I was taken aback of what I saw….she was beautiful. Her full breast, her tit, her clean shaven pussy…it was a major turn on. I have never ever think about any of my ex girl friends’ mother, but this was totally different. Thoughts were running through my mind and suddenly there was a knock on the door. I proceeded to open and there stood Lynette‘s mum, Linda.

“Would you like to have breakfast?” she asked as if nothing had happened. She was all wrapped up with a warm smile. “Ah…yes aunty, thanks” as I stepped out of the room and followed her behind. I was scrutinizing her figure as I followed her and thought this is a hot woman that all guys would fantasize being with.

She sat me down at the kitchen table and passed me a plate with sausage, two eggs and a toast. She sat down in front of me, smiled and we proceeded to eat. At the corner of my eye, I could spot a deep cleavage …she was probably a C cup. Full bosom…a woman.

“I have to apologize for what happen just now…I thought there was no one at home, your car is not parked downstairs? ” she said shyly. “Hope you won’t mentioned to anyone” she added. “Oh! No.. no.. aunty. It is ok. I am sorry that I did not let you know I was there. This is your home. You have the right to do anything you like” I explained. “Anyway, you are a good dancer” and she laughed and expressed a sense of relief.

We started to chat…about property, about houses and d├ęcor, about cars…she is very knowledgeable and has an opinion on everything we discussed. We talked about dancing and she wanted to take up Salsa dancing if she has the time and enjoyed movies and many more. We seems to have many things to talk about and had some good laugh and some physical contact like brushing hands. She was unlike any other mums. She was fun, very confident, exude a kind of sexy, flirtious actions whenever she brushed her hair. She laughed wholeheartedly …never held back and very expressive when she get into any topic of her interest.…we enjoyed the chat and brief contacts that day. But deep in my mind, the image of her half nakedness still flashed in my mind…..

From then on, we managed to chat a little more at cafes while waiting for Lynette to get off her part time job. We got closer and conversed about many things. At her place, I tried to catch a glimpse of her every time she walked past in the house, in her usual robe that she wore, her routine things that she does in the house, feed Lynette’s dog, going for a swim, heading to and from the gym or just sitting at a corner reading a book. She was so attractive and I am attracted to her.

I started to make excuse to be around her or near her presence and occasionally I do catch her looking at me as well. I guessed we do have some chemistry, we shared similar interests and sports. She plays golf and enjoyed being at resorts, tanning and relaxing…sometimes I would even joked that we should do golf holiday…..we do have a certain connection…….. end of part 1

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