The silence is deafening  

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11/1/2005 4:18 pm

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The silence is deafening

I find it interresting...I walk through the dining room here at dinner time and I listen to conversations.

One person says "we'll call the labor dept. and see what happens".
Someone else "The birthday party is this saturday, we'll meet you at noon"
Conversations between family, friends, husbands and wives. Tales of how they spent their day or what they've been doing since they've seen each other last. First dates, and anniversary dinners.
And then there are the people that sit in complete silence the entire time they are here. Incredible, people that are young and old, sitting with someone they obviously care for or at least are still with for whatever reason and they just don't speak. It happens everyday, notice it the next time you are out in a restaurant. Just look around you, it's there. It bothers me that someone could sit across the table from someone else and say NOTHING. All I can think is this is sad.
You see, I eat dinner with my children whenever possible and we always have a conversation about what's going on at school or with their friends, we catch up, we joke, we laugh and I couldn't imagine sitting with them in complete silence. When I am fortunate enough to have dinner or any meal with Mr. X, we have such wonderful conversations about our days or share family stories, or just joke with each other. I think it would be a shame to waste such an opportune moment to have a conversation and share my time with someone by simply being silent.
So this is my point...don't waste the time you have at the dinner table. Use it to ask your children or your significant other, or your mom or sister or brother, whom ever you are fortunate enough to be spending time with "How was your day?"

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