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The list...

20-I hate to be ignored more than drives me nuts.
19-I tend to worry sometimes too much about what people think of me.
18-I eat far too much garlic...I love it and I'm sure I'm not in danger of any vampires.
17-I am a poet, love to write poetry and have written for as long as I can remember.
16-I was the yearbook editor and the newspaper editor for my highschool.
15-I wanted to be a journalist when I was growing up but never persued it.
14-Before I took my current position I held jobs as...a floral designer,and a pharmacy technician.
13-From 1st grade until I was a junior in high school I wore glasses, it took me that long to talk my mom into contacts.
12-If I HAVE to use a public restroom, I never sit on the seat and I flush it with my foot.
11-My default ringtone on my phone is Michael Buble' Kissing a Fool.

Just remember this
every other kiss
that you'll ever give
as long as we both live
when you leave the hand
of another man
one you really can't
surrender with
I will wait for you
like I always do
there's something there
that can't compare
with anyother.

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